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The Human Fly Movie

No, not the Spidey Villain

By Robert T. Trate     June 28, 2012

This is a legendary summer for superhero movies. A couple decades ago comic book fans were lucky to just see Superman or Batman get the blockbuster treatment, but in 2012 we have The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises all coming out within three months of each other. It's a truly great time to be a fan. One side effect of the superhero surge, however, is that there are going to be some heroes that start getting their own treatments despite the fact that practically nobody has ever heard of them. Enter The Human Fly

Deadline reports that a movie based around the classic Marvel character is now in development. The rights for the character were recently picked up by producers Alan Brewer and Steven Goldmann and Eisenberg-Fisher Productions (no relation) is set to executive produce the project with financing coming from private-equity sources. The character, which was first introduced in 1977, has an origin story somewhat similar to the Six Million Dollar Man in that he was severely injured in an accident and rebuilt by scientists and doctors with a steel skeleton. Upon recovering from his injuries, the man - whose real identity was never said - began to wear a costume and fight crime. Only 19 comic book issues were made featuring The Human Fly, but in that time he encountered both Spider-Man and Daredevil. 

As you can probably guess, this is going to be a much smaller production than what we typically see from Marvel Studios or Warner Bros., but it could be interesting. Who would you like to see play The Human Fly?

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lusiphur 6/28/2012 12:04:30 PM

 I remember and really like the comic when I was a kid.  I seem to remember him teaming up with Ghost Rider also.  But will this be a Marvel movie?  I remember the comic series was cancelled becuase there was a real life Human Fly who did stunt like climbing buildings and he had the name copyrighted.  Which is why marvel . com doesn't have any issues of the series digitized on their website.  Or so I remember.  May need to clarify that.  


lusiphur 6/28/2012 12:05:15 PM

 Oh ... as for casting ... why not Ryan Reynolds?  He seems to be getting cast in just about everything right now.

jetpackjesus 6/28/2012 2:21:33 PM

Slashfilm has a lot more details on this project.  Apparently, this movie is actually closer to a biopic about a real-life daredevil called The Human Fly.  The comic book series was actually a marketing tie-in for the same daredevil.  So this apparently isn't going to be a comic book movie, but more of a look at the real-life stuntman and the promoter behind him.  I'm sure there will be something in the movie talking about the comics, but this won't be a comic book movie. 

Honestly, it sounds potentially interesting.

FerretJohn 6/28/2012 3:22:16 PM

I remember that comic book, I started collecting about the time it came out (and don't I feel old now).  If this project does get into developement it should be fun to see if Marvel dusts off the old character for a long-overdue update

Wyldstaar 6/28/2012 10:09:59 PM

JetpackJ is correct.  Very poorly researched article. 

Dazzler 6/29/2012 4:46:53 AM

I thought Fly was villian for Spider-man?  I know he is back in the comics right now as a villian. 

Butchman 6/29/2012 5:04:21 AM

"The Fly" was actually a lot better character than the "Human Fly" and more deserving of a dedicated movie.   "The Fly" was originally an Archies Comics super hero and was licensed by DC in the 90's as part of their Impact line.

zipahead 6/29/2012 9:21:14 AM

He was a stunt guy in the 70's and Marvel made a comic trying to capitalize on the new Evil Kenivel, It was drawn by the great Frank it's not really a comic movie.

Wiseguy 6/29/2012 3:52:13 PM

Not interested unless it's based on the comic book, at least not yet but if it's a straight up biopic I'm out.

joe4306 6/30/2012 12:08:13 PM

how about tom welling seems like he would be a good choice?

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