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  • TV Series: Human Target
  • Episode: The Trouble With Harry
  • Starring: Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley, Indira Varma, and Janet Montgomery
  • Written by: Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine
  • Directed by: Peter Lauer
  • Network: Fox
  • Series: Human Target

Human Target: The Trouble With Harry

Glad they didn't go out with this one.

By Rob Vaux     February 02, 2011

Human Target: The Trouble With Harry
© Fox/Robert Trate

What the hell just happened? Here you have a perfectly good impenetrable fortress story, complete with a paranoid sociopath locking all kinds of evil secrets (along with a terrified fiancé) in his Bed & Breakfast of Doom, and the gang just itching to have a crack at him. Human Target hits this kind of episode out the park all the time. And yet “The Trouble With Harry” proceeds to systematically destroy it, brick by brick. It starts with a supremely awkward framing device, in which Tony Hale’s inept private eye Harry stumbles into Chance (Mark Valley) handcuffed and sitting on a bomb in the local bar. Add to that some poorly timed shenanigans with Isla (Indira Varma), Ames’ (Janet Montgomery) insipid chatter about getting Chance a girlfriend, and an army of thugs who somehow don’t conjure an ounce of energy, and you basically have an episode that’s dead on arrival. 

At least Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) gets to beat up the snooty napkin guy.

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