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Humanoids' EXTERMINATOR 17

By Rob Allstetter     February 05, 2002

EXTERMINATOR 17 page one
© Humanoids Publishing

Humanoids Publishing has released preview pages of EXTERMINATOR 17, a newly colored, 66-page graphic album scheduled for release in April.

This album pairs NIKOPOL TRILOGY artist, Enki Bilal, with Les Humanoides Associes founder, writer, and French television personality, Jean-Pierre Dionnet.

This is the first Dionnet album offered by Humanoids in English.

Rounding out the project is a new master re-coloring by comics veteran Dan Brown, whose work has been featured in the ongoing INCAL series from Humanoids. This version will be used for a French-language edition as well.

EXTERMINATOR 17 will mark the first time that Humanoids plans to follow up one of its graphic albums with a comic series. The sequel to EXTERMINATOR 17 is being written by Dionnet and will feature artwork from Igor Baranko.

EXTERMINATOR 17 takes place in a universe where fierce android warriors called, Exterminators, wage war for their human masters. The man who created these killers is about to die. As his soul leaves his body, it is transferred into the shell of one of the Exterminator androids. Now living as Exterminator 17, this killing machine with a human essence sets about freeing his creations from the humans that control them.


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