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Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Teaser Trailer

Finally something to get excited about

By Robert T. Trate     April 14, 2013
Source: TheHungerGamesMovie

Finally we have an official trailer from the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. To be honest, the posters and images that have surfaced thus far have been weak. This teaser trailer is what fans have been waiting for. Check it out Maniacs and sound off below. 

The Plot: The story of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) continues in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem. Following the events of the previous novel, a rebellion against the oppressive Capitol has begun, and Katniss and fellow tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) are forced to return to the arena in a special edition of the Hunger Games.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives November 22nd 2013.


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Roqueja 4/14/2013 11:19:38 PM

It was the best book in the series, I hope that they do well with it.  Donald Sutherland fits his role perfectly imho.

mikemc2 4/15/2013 3:48:40 AM

Just saw Hunger Games this weekend. Never read the books so I wasn't that impressed (I didn't realise the 1st movie acted as a character introduction part to the over all story) so I was looking for an ending or at least a consequence to her winning.  Now I am seeing this trailer and I get it and I am actually appreciating the 1st movie more (still not sure how her winning was any different then the other 73 times other people won - but I geuss when she layed the little girl (District 11 player) to rest she became a symbol?).

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.

ddiaz28 4/15/2013 8:03:10 AM

This was a great teaser because it actually teased the film!  They didn't even show what I'm assuming two thirds of the film will be.  President Snow only alludes to it.  I'm a fan of the books and wasn't crazy about the first film but this looks like it could be better.

Shnozalpot 4/15/2013 9:49:13 AM

 "Dis is Erfff"

thezillaman 4/15/2013 3:35:17 PM

 same here, i watched the hunger games last night for the first time, and i thought it was a o.k movie, also didn't read the books so now i'm looking forward to the next two films. Cool. I don't usualy eat my own words but in this case i was wrong, hunger games is o.k..

ObiWannaJones 4/15/2013 4:28:10 PM

Read the first book, after it was required for my son's high school English course. The book was far better than the movie, which turned the whole premise into another  Twilight love triangle. At least "the girl on fire" didn't sparkle. I agree with many who argued Jennifer Lawrence is far too meaty (I dont mean that in a bad way) to play a character who fights for enough food for her and her family to survive on a daily basis.  

I never read books 2 or 3; this trailer does looks interesting.


Wiseguy 4/15/2013 5:29:24 PM

I thought it sucked, not to the level of The Host or Twilight but not worth a theater viewing for me.

XeroWarp 4/15/2013 6:39:34 PM

The trailer looks like two different movies . one with good actors, Sutherland and PSH. The other, not so good with a twilight cast. 

almostunbiased 4/15/2013 7:08:03 PM

DUDE, Jennifer is a great actor.  I completely disagree with you on that one.



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