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Hunger Games Viral Video

DISTRICT 5 - A Message From The Capitol

By Robert T. Trate     November 19, 2013
Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will arrive in theaters November 21st, 2014
© Lionsgate

Lionsgate has released a new viral video for District 5. I really appreciate the layers at which they are building the world of The Hunger Games. I only wish the movie reflected this as much as the books. Check out the message below as well as the “official” word from District 5. 

The Message: Power is often confused with force, but we here in The Capitol like to remember that power is just a means, not an end. We decide what to do with it, but District 5 will provide it.

Panem wasn't built by one district alone, and it will take all of us to realize the great future that lies ahead! On the occasion of the 75th Hunger Games The Capitol invites you to join in recognizing the uniqueness of every district with these informational shorts. So sit back, learn about your fellow citizens, and remember: viewing is mandatory.

District 1's industry is making luxury items for the Capitol. Due to the nature of its industry, it's considered to be the wealthiest district, the only other wealthier area being the Capitol itself. It is a Career District. Little else is known about this district. At the end of Mockingjay, memorials were made for the fallen tributes and victors from District 1, meaning District 1 has 148 of Panem's memorials in their district, notable ones being Cashmere, Gloss, Glimmerand Marvel.

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almostunbiased 11/19/2013 3:03:58 PM

Ummm, ok.  Anyway i'll probably see this Saturday.


Dazzler 11/20/2013 3:40:09 AM

My neice wants to see this, so I am there.  I have low expectations.  

DarthoftheDead 11/20/2013 4:54:30 AM


Go see




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