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Mania Grade: B-

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  • Art Rating: B-
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Viz Media
  • MSRP: 7.99
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 1-4215-0644-0
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Hunter x Hunter Vol. #09

By Danielle Van Gorder     May 02, 2007
Release Date: July 05, 2006

Hunter x Hunter Vol.#09
© Viz Media

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Yoshihiro Togashi
Translated by:Lillian Olsen
Adapted by:Lillian Olsen

What They Say
The day of the great auction arrives, but all the goods have gone missing! It turns out that the mafia learned of the Spiders' plans and sent their top ten fighters to take care of things. These "Shadow Beasts" whisked away the auction items to safety, and the dread Spiders are hunting them down.

With all this distraction and some questionable help from Hisoka, Kurapika gets closer to vengeance against the Spiders. But when the fight comes down to a battle to death with one of the strongest members of the troupe, will Kurapika's hidden powers be enough to ensure victory?

The Review
All of the items for the Yorknew auction have been stolen, and the Spiders are taking the blame. One problem, though - when the Spiders arrived to steal the goods, they were already gone. The culprit looks to be one of the Shadow Beasts, eight powerful individuals with Nen abilities employed by the Dons of the mafia families. The Dons know what's going on, but none of their foot soldiers know that the stolen goods are actually still safe. The Spiders draw out four of the Shadow Beasts, and Uvo takes them on single handedly. Kurapika, however, can't contain himself, and captures Uvo with his Nen chain abilities. The Spiders catch up with them, but end up having another situation to deal with themselves.

While the other bodyguards deal with Uvo, Kurapika goes alone to a secret meeting with Hisoka, who reveals more about the Spiders to assist Kurapika's quest for revenge. The Spiders, meanwhile, find and rescue Uvo, who wants nothing more than to have a rematch with Kurapika. He goes on the hunt, while Kurapika lies in wait for him. Their battle reveals more about the workings of Nen, and Kurapika's unique abilities.

Killula, Gon, and Leorio are still working on coming up with enough money to purchase one of the Greed Island games once it goes up for auction. They turn a nice profit with the arm wrestling scheme, and manage to get a contact there for a contest - hunting down seven of the known Spiders, dead or alive! While other participants rush off to try to get a jump on the competition, the three come up with a plan and start looking for any Spiders who might come out of hiding.

There's a lot of good material covered in this volume, but overall it feels a little rushed. The Shadow Beasts especially are played up quite a bit, but when they finally appear their abilities seem weak, or aren't even shown as they're killed off screen. Most of the focus is on Kurapika and his vendetta, so fans of that character should be pretty happy. It's clear that what happens in this volume is mostly a setup for larger future events, which are looking to be a lot of fun. If you've been enjoying the series thus far, chances are you'll enjoy this volume as well.


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