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DaForce1 10/27/2008 1:11:20 AM

I'll only be interested in a third movie if they reboot the franchise again.

Get rid of Norton (he can do his prima donna act elsewhere), bury Leterrier in a concrete encased 17 foot deep grave strapped to a thermonuclear device, and for God's sake dump all references to the bad tv show. Oh, and get some CGI animators that know a little something about weight, physics, and how objects interact with their environment.

Finally, people that keep suggesting wrestlers for acting roles need to be removed from the gene pool. Wrestlers can't act past a growl. Hence why Sabretooth was pretty much a mute in the X-Men movies.

Dazzler 10/27/2008 4:53:31 AM

Hulk in the Avengers should be next. 

I got the Blu Ray Hulk this weekend if only for collecting sake.  Abomination really was not done right and it was a simple write of a Russian spy getting the same treatment that the Hulk did.  And don't get me started on his look.  You really need to understand the source material.  Which they did not. 

And again Hulk smash is way too old now. We need a smart baddass Hulk.
Whiskeymovie 10/27/2008 8:55:38 AM

What about The Rock? He is a good actor. I always enjoy his movies. The Rundown is one of my favorite action movies. I liked the Hulk,,,actually I liked the first one too. It wasn't great, but Ang Lee did cool visual styles and such, but the story was lame. This one was just striaght action. I liked that. I was kind of hoping they would do a directors cut of TIH, as I remember reading that there were some arguments about the final cut. On that note, I am also really hoping for a directors cut of Hancock as I have heard they have cut as much as 45 minutes from that movie to make it more of a comedy and to avoid an R rating.

lracors 10/28/2008 5:06:17 AM

I loved the new Hulk film and actually rated it slightly higher than Iron Man.  I hope they do a sequel before the Avengers film comes out.  I would love to see him go against the Leader.  There is a lot of potential there.  Personally i loved Norton in the role of Banner.  The Hulk has always been the good-hearted classic misunderstood hero where his "bad" days come from the manipulation of others either the villains manipulating him or "heroes" trying to cure him and screwing things up.  More of Doc Sam and the Leader would be great as the Hulk is manipulated by friend and foe would be awesome.

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