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I miss 007. Don't you?

11/27/2006 3:14:40 PM permalink

I'm sorry, people. As much as I liked the Casino Royal movie, I didn't care for it as a "Bond" film. I know it's closer to the source material and all. But, that's not what I ( and a lot of people I talked to) want to see in 007. I liked Craig well enough and the movie was well done. But, I want to see the ultra smooth, playboy, superspy. I miss the gadgets (I know this is 007 first outing and the gadgets will come later ) I even liked the invisible car from the last movie (Japanese researchers have proven it is I like the Peirce Brosnon/ Sean Conner style of Bond. Classicly handsome, but manly. I also miss the sexually suggestive names of the female leads (Pussy Galore...come on...thats a classic). A lot of us also felt that the girl who played "Vesper" was on the high side of average, looks wise. She's not ugly in any stretch of the word. But she definatly not a knock out. I thought the other girl (who Bond got killed) was more of the Bond-girl type. She was exotic, and sexy with a sense of mystery to her. PLus, I thought her and Craig had more chemistry. The only thing they needed to do with the Bond franchise is get better scripts. I don't want a more realsitc Bond. Thats what Jason Bourne is about (whom I like by the way). Let the movie 007 be what he is and let Bond from the novels be what he his. I live 20 mins west of Detroit. If I want gritty realism, I can jump in my van and find it first hand very quickly. I don't need Bond to be more like the rest of us. Give Bond movies great scripts, great directors, and lets get back to the excapist spy fantasy that was 007.

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