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I Spy... More Action Figures

Secret agent figures we're dying to see

By Andrew Kardon     May 25, 2002

Admit it. You don't trust your toys. When you turn your back, you just know they're making fun of you, stealing stuff from your wallet or hiding your keys. But thing is, you've got no proof. Man, what you wouldn't give to have a spy among your collection.

Yeah, there've been tons of superhero action figures. Sports figures. Military. Even Western. But when it comes to spies and secret agents, those guys are getting the royal shaft. Okay, so Sideshow Toy's releasing some neat 12" JAMES BOND figures, as well as a MAXWELL SMART AND THE CHIEF set based on the classic GET SMART TV show. And McFarlane Toys did some mouth-dropping sculpts of those mega-babes the DANGER GIRLS, as well as everyone's favorite secret agent AUSTIN POWERS. But we want more! More sneaky li'l devils with cool weapons and accessories.

So what follows is our list of top secret agent action figures we're dying to see. Let's just hope some toy manufacturers are sneaking a peek at this list...


No, we're not talking about Captain America, Thor and Iron Man here. Forget Marvel Comics' elite superteam. We're talking about the sophisticated British spy show from the '60s. (And no, that "so-called-movie" starring Uma Thurman does not count.) Heck, we'd sell our own souls to see McFarlane Toys sculpt up figures of JOHN STEED and EMMA PEEL. Give ol' Steed his standard bolo hat and secret-weapon umbrella, and Ms. Peel all sorts of sexy outfits, and they're guaranteed to steal the show.

Okay, so you can also do DANGER MAN and SECRET AGENT MAN figures, but this psychedelic trippy show from the '60s starring Patrick McGoohan is screaming for an action figure line. Give us a Number 6 figure (with appropriate jacket and Number 6 button), a Number 2 figure (with interchangeable heads to switch to a different Number 2), and a giant white balloon to represent the high-tech security system known as Rover.

He's the greatest! He's fantastic! Continuing the British tradition (apparently they have the most interesting spies around), this time we look to a cartoon. Let's get someone like Playmates to capture the cartoony style and put out a 6-inch version of the eyepatch-wearing DANGER MOUSE complete with all sorts of spyish gadgets and weapons.


He's a klutz. A buffoon. An incompetent. Yet, Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau character from the PINK PANTHER movies is perfect for a 12" figure from Sideshow Toy. Just toss in a magnifying glass, the rare pink panther diamond and that all-too-familiar overcoat.

Alex Fleming is just a regular high school kid... until a special trigger mechanism awakens the ultra secret spy within him and he transforms into SpyBoy! This Dark Horse comic character needs to spring to action figure life, if only so Alex can brag to his friends! Just make sure to give him some ridiculously huge guns and that killer red motorcycle he rides.

The show? THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. The agent? Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo. The figure? A dapper and suave suit-wearing 12-incher with the latest and greatest in spy accessories.

Before he was that "Bond guy," Roger Moore played a secret agent named Simon Templar on a show called THE SAINT. Templar had a great sense of humor, was well dressed, drove fast cars and hung out with the sexiest babes around. He...uh, heck, he was basically Bond, except he didn't work for any government, just himself. Our SAINT figure would come with a styling suit, plenty of guns and knives, and a big wad o' cash.


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