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10/8/2008 11:05:34 AM permalink

I came here to kick ass and talk about graphic novels. And I got bookshelves full of graphic novels.

Ugh. New comic day. It's a busy day, if you're a comic shop's retail staff. A day full of boxes which need to be opened and emptied, books which need to be sorted and priced, and customers who need to be swatted at and otherwise scorned.

It's a rough morning here on Canada's West Coast. I lost a bunch of hours of sleep last night when explosive ass-demons decided to I'd be better off spending the night sitting uncomfortably on the toilet, rather than being wrapped safely in a big blanket in bed. My stomach is still reeling from it all. 

So, what're you reading these days? Here's a quick shot of my resume:

Born in 1978. Started reading Archie comics in 1982. Started reading DC's Captain Carrot & Marvel's STAR line in 1983. Switched up to the black & white Eastman & Laird Ninja Turtles in 1989. Got into Marvel's Mainstream about 1992. Picked up some Mainstream DC in 1993.

Then, in 1996, I read Preacher, and gave up on mainstream superhero comics all together. From there it was a steady drive out of the "companies" and into the "authors." I started learned names, like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, and Grant Morrison. 

Now I'm... hold on, I have to do the math... Now I'm almost 27, and I'm mostly reading manga. Series like Air Gear, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, and Yotsuba&!

Somewhere along the way I started writing my own comic as well, The Young Offenders. I love referring to it as a combination between "The New Warriors" and "V for Vendetta." It's all about these angry young kids with strange abilities, fighting to protect a rundown ghetto. You can read it at...


I was blogger at comics2film, back in the day, with varying levels of regularity. At comics2film, I was effectively a one-man Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, playing the all the roles at once - The thought-provoking and maturity of frylock. The childlike whimsy of meatwad. And the spastically offensive arrogance of Master Shake. Oh, and the jogging pants of Carl.

Now I'm here at mania, and let me tell you - I'm here for the printed matter, and the video games. I'm not a big movie fan, so when I comment on "talking pictures" it's often to just be a glib smart-ass. Funny books and vidiot games are where it's at for this cat.

Anyway, that's enough of today's dose of Mr. Bloggy McBlogsalot. Just wanted to give a nod to the camera and the crowd. 

I jam over sting, see spots red
I am "Sofa King, Weed Tar dead"

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