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I Was a Teenage Ninja

It's hard enough being a teenager, but being a 19-year-old ninja with an impossible assignment is even worse! Unfortunately for Sora, she is and she's got one... impossible mission, that is.

As Japan is torn apart by warring factions, it falls upon the master assassins to carry out the tasks at which even great armies have failed. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough ninja to go around, so when a plot to eliminate a rising shaman becomes known, the ninja who gets dropped into the frying tempura batter is the raw and untested Sora. But don't worry! Sora may not know which end of a ninjaken to stick her sheath on, but she's young, willing, and her skills at seduction are just fine!

Genre: Action, Historical, Supernatural

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Region 1 - North America

I Was a Teenage Ninja by Switchblade Pictures