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ICO update

Sony's new puzzler has us excited

By James Stevenson     August 29, 2001

While we were enjoying the confines of the Los Angeles Convention Center at last May's E3, we stumbled upon one of the coolest Playstation 2 titles on display. While somewhat underhyped, ICO looks to be one of the best puzzle games scheduled for release. Sony has recently sent us an update on the game with new media.

The story follows a young boy named Ico who has been born with horns. Because of this, the village must sacrifice him to cleanse their town. Ico is buried alive but manages to escape the early grave. In the process he knocks himself out and dreams of a princess trapped in a strange castle. When he awakes, the dream has become reality, and he must complete the obligatory hero task of rescuing the princess.

Throughout ICO you'll discover some of the most ingenious puzzles since the critically acclaimed MYST series (many of them involving a multitude of steps). As you make your way through a forgotten world, Ico will battle monsters and solve cunning puzzles. Sony promises that even the most experienced gamers will be tested by ICO.

With some of the best environmental graphics we've ever seen, challenging gameplay, and over 30 levels to explore, ICO appears to be Fall's sleeper hit. Grab your horns and look for ICO in stores on Sept. 25th. [IMG3L]


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