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I'll Trade Ya

A call for an action figure swap meet

By ANDREW KARDON     August 01, 2002

Relaunches seem all the rage these days. From G.I. JOE to MICRONAUTS to that old master of the universe himself HE-MAN. So the Four Horsemen (former McFarlane Toys sculptors) gave He-Man a huge facelift for Mattel. That totally rocks. But it got me to thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know). What if the whole toyworld formed a massive swap?

Let's put the Four Horsemen on something else. Something more...well, cute. How cool would it be to see their rendition of a 21st century line of CARE BEARS? Suddenly Sunshine Bear takes on a whole new meaning.

Or how about the groovy guys over at Playmates who create those wonderful SIMPSONS toys? Let's get give them a crack at McFarlane's SPAWN line. Who hasn't wanted to see a kinder, gentler hellspawn?

And as for McFarlane Toys, give those guys a real wholesome property like BARBIE and let them go nuts. Ken will truly go to hell and back. Literally.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. Baseball teams trade players all the time. Heck, even the original Image Comics founders swapped titles for a month. It's about time toys got in on the fun.


Forget the edible paperclips, get the shrinking gun out! Those wacky folks at Palisades are at it again, this time with a brand new line of jumbo-sized action figures. Kicking off the MEGA MUPPETS line is the meep-meeping BEAKER, who stands some 13 ½ inches tall and features multiple points of articulation. With a suggested retail price of $24.99, look for the red-headed one to hit shelves this Winter.

BEAKER makes it big.

Like there weren't enough GREEN LANTERN figures already... Okay, okay, so there's a lot of history and a whole friggin' Corps. behind the green team. Understandable. Anyway, DC Direct adds more green to your toy collection with three new GREEN LANTERN CORPS figures, scheduled for February 2003. Set at roughly 6" tall, the new trio includes: the evil flame-controlling EFFIGY who comes with a removable flaming sword, a younger version of HAL JORDAN featuring an all-new sculpt, and everybody's favorite loudmouth GUY GARDNER who comes with a scale Power Battery and a nifty one-size-fits-just-about-everyone Power Ring for you consumer folks.

Wanna freak out the rest of your toys? Then be sure to pick up Sideshow Toy's newest addition to its TWILIGHT ZONE line of figures: THE INVADERS. Set to ship in November/December of 2002, this figure's based on the 1961 episode of the same name where a woman goes up to her roof to investigate a noise. What she finds is a flying saucer with two tiny, silver robot-like critters. I won't say anymore, unless you'd like me to ruin the ending for ya...

What a GUY.


Say it with me, "Yeah, baby, yeah." Okay, got it out of your system now? Good. Now before you start going on about "shagging" and "twigs and berries," be sure to check out Mezco's latest line of AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER action figures, including PRISON DR. EVIL, CARNABY STREET AUSTIN, 70'S AUSTIN POWERS, FAT BASTARD and GOLDMEMBER.

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