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  • Art Rating: C-/D
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: C-/D
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Released By: Digital Manga Publishing
  • MSRP: 12.95
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 1-56970-750-2
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: I\'ll Be Your Slave

I'll Be Your Slave Vol. #01

By Briana Lawrence     February 08, 2008
Release Date: January 31, 2008

I'll Be Your Slave Vol.#01
© Digital Manga Publishing

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Miki Araya
Translated by:Digital Manga Publishing
Adapted by:Digital Manga Publishing

What They Say
Big boss Moriya has his entire company eating out of the palm of his perfectly manicured hand. He has just one problem: where can he find the perfect face for a high-profile ad campaign? In the nick of time, the angelic Ouno appears like a vision on a crowded street. The flawless teen may have the calm grace of an angel, but his perfect body is made for sin! Moriya will do anything to win Ouno’s favor and keep him on the job… but will the coverboy sign on the dotted line and surrender his heart?

“I’ll Be Your Slave” tears a page from the rulebook of love and lets a younger man call all of the shots! Powerful executive Moriya turns to quivering jelly when his client, the teen model Ouno, unexpectedly walks into his life. They seem like a match made in heaven… but there are plenty of jealous rivals set to steal Ouno away! Who will end up on top, and who will be crushed by the burden of their deep desire?

The Review
Remember that Britney Spears song Slave 4 U? Don’t make me sing it, you know the one.

A younger, dark haired beauty is sitting in a chair, his legs crossed as an older man holds onto his foot and removes his shoe for him. The older man is dressed in a business suit and looks extremely wealthy and professional, but he seems to have no problem with being on his knees in front of this other boy. The title is in the top right-hand corner of the cover, and with a title like I’ll Be Your Slave you think that yes, this is that hot boy’s love title you’ve been looking for. The back cover shows a small picture of the two lovers, the younger man lounging on the couch as the older one gently kisses the back of his hand, roses lined up behind them. Yes, this must be that steamy hot love affair you’ve been waiting for.

Unfortunately, I’m here to burst your bubble.

The front cover is as good as the art style gets. As the story begins there is a serious downgrade on the art and it goes from being gorgeous to being complete and total crack. Any hint of a serious plot is ruined with the characters’ dramatic Phoenix Wright like pointing, complete with enough sparkles and bubbles to fuel a new Disney theme park. There are practically no backgrounds drawn out except for the occasional couch or chair for Ouno to lounge in, a tree here or there, and maybe a car or building. The only time the art stands out is when the characters are striking dramatic poses, when the characters don’t look like they’re screaming “Objection!” at another character the art is dull, almost lifeless, and forgettable.

All Japanese honorifics are kept in tact, a common trend in a DMP title. There are also a ton of sound effects in this manga and all of them are translated next to the kanji. There are also comments by the author made about certain objects or events in the manga, for example, when Moriya rams his head against the floor from bowing too hard there’s a note that points to the dripping blood that says “Let it bleed for now.” At times these little notes are funny, but for the most part they’re unnecessary (when they point to a bag or a chair and say “bag holder”) and distracting (when they’re made during sex scenes).

There’s also a time in the second story, “Barbaric Prince,” when the dialogue went into chat speak, saying “OMG” instead of “Oh my god.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that since it is a common dialogue this day and age, but this was terribly distracting since it’s the only time the term was used and it felt very out of place. There’s also a time when they get the character’s name wrong, calling him “Kokutomo” instead of “Kunitomo.”

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I’ll be your Slave/I can only see you
Big boss Moriya, who should be named “big pushover Moriya,” has been searching for the perfect face for his ad campaign for about 5 pages of the manga. Then, like magic, he meets the breathtaking (“breathtaking” should be translated to “spoiled brat”) Ouno and decides that he shall be the face of his ad. After a lot of begging and bleeding, Moriya convinces Ouno to model for him. It doesn’t take long for Moriya to become a willing slave to Ouno, doing anything and everything he can to keep his client happy. This, to his surprise, includes sex since modeling keeps Ouno too busy and he wants to have sex with someone.

Moriya’s coworkers don’t understand why their boss is so subservient to Ouno and Ouno’s friends hate the extra attention that their spoiled little prince is getting. To make matters worse, Moriya has a rival, Miyahigashi, who will do anything to steal Ouno away and finally beat Moriya at something. There are lots of dramatic poses, lots of pampering, and lots of overdramatic tears that lead to Ouno leaving and joining Miyahigashi’s campaign, sleeping with him, and Moriya getting transferred and demoted for losing a major client. But Moriya leaving gives Ouno the push he needs to admit that he loves the older man, and Moriya is quick to dance happily with sparkles and angels as he confesses his obvious love and devotion to Ouno. And, as predicted, Moriya doesn’t leave and he gets his job back since he, once again, has Ouno on the ad. I can only see you is a small glimpse of their life afterwards, which… is no different than it was during the main story.

The Barbaric Prince
This is a short story about a boy named Kunitomo who has a bad habit of bringing home stray cats. One day, he meets a boy named Fujimaru, and Fujimaru ends up following him around like a stray cat. But Fujimaru is anything but gentle and sweet, he’s actually pretty violent and has a nasty habit of breaking things whenever he gets upset. He only calms down when Kunitomo comes around. It’s pretty obvious that he has feelings for Kunitomo but, as usual in these types of situations, the main character is always the last to know when someone is in love with him. In fact, this main character even tries to set Fujimaru up with a girl. After trying to explain to him that he needs to have a girl and can’t have feelings for another boy it, of course, leads to more furniture destruction. Finally, Kunitomo gives in, and the two of them continue on as violent, but loveable “pet” and unwilling “master.”

So looking at the cover of this book made my inner fangirl very happy. And while the back cover sounded extremely corny with descriptions like “rulebook of love,” I figured that the story would at least give me hot images of a powerful boss being dominated by a teenage boy. After the first dramatic pose I feared the worse, then quickly flipped through the manga and was pummeled by more poses, more sparkles, and more waterfall like tears. The fangirl side of me cried out, “False advertisement! How dare this book look so pretty yet be drawn in such an overdramatic style.”

It’s odd to be reading something that I’m supposed to find sexy but it’s full of crack. This is where the “false advertisement” comes in. The back of the book promises a plot with a big and powerful boss and a gorgeous coverboy that gets to call all the shots and reduce this man to a pile of goo. It also promises jealous rivals out to steal Ouno away. The reality of the story is this: Moriya never comes off as powerful, he comes off as a complete pushover from the start. This pushover does anything for Ouno without being asked. As for the jealous rivals, there’s only one, and he’s always out to beat Moriya so him going after Ouno is no surprise. Anything in the story that’s supposed to be sexy is completely ruined with the art style and the constant barrage of author’s comments. I really don’t need arrows pointing to the characters and making comments as they’re having sex, not to mention that some of the comments are just as corny as the description on the back cover.

After my fangirl side was heartbroken my reviewer side finally kicked in. Despite the not so droolworthy art the story could, at least, be funny, and there aren’t too many comedic boy’s love stories out there. Unfortunately, this is one of those stories that would be hilarious if there wasn’t so much going on. The poses, the streams of tears, it’s all a bit too much to take in. It felt like reading Gravitation, suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s a giant panda in the middle of the page. The comedy feels forced, especially with the comments the author makes. It feels like she’s saying, “Here’s a funny part, you should laugh now,” every time there’s a side comment.

This is a story that will either make you scratch the back of your head and stare blankly at the pages or laugh out loud if you like this type of over the top humor. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work for me. I’ll remember the art for being so overdramatic and the cover for being so gorgeous, but as far as the plot goes I won’t remember anything, there‘s nothing memorable about it.


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