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Image Entertainment Q&A

By Chris Beveridge     September 04, 1998

The following is a portion of a transcript from an online chat with Image Entertainment that related to anime DVD's.

Chris: Ok, two tiered question....

Chris: I'm from that little Anime on DVD site, and we're all curious as the to "real" reasons why Image hasn't been able to get any of the CPM discs out yet

Chris: And the follow up is, is it possible with some titles in the future that they may be 5.1 encoded? I know Pioneer and others have done it and more are looking into it, though not with many catalog titles.

IMAGE: The subpictures (English translations) that we were provided were either incomplete or from different versions of the program. We had to get a translator in to fill in the blanks. We've completed four transfers as of Friday.

Chris: Ah, cool. I thought they would use the subtitles from the laserdiscs that were done for most of them. We mostly figured it was just dual layered discs being delayed at the plants.

IMAGE: We have listened to the 5.1 music titles that Pioneer has done (Pointer Sisters, etc) and we would rather use PCM stereo tracks as opposed to faking a substandard 5.1 track.

Chris: Well, I'd hardly consider the Tenchi Muyo 5.1 soundtracks to be substandard. I'd even go so far as to call them reference tracks.

Chris: But, those aren't music titles.

IMAGE: Whenever possible, we are requesting master stems for our programming so that we CAN go back and create TRUE 5.1 DVDs. This is not always possible though, depending on the age of the program and the rights holder.

IMAGE: Chris, I agree with you regarding the Pioneer animation titles...

IMAGE: They are great.

Chris: Thanks for the answers. I'm definitely looking forward to all the titles that are listed, just waiting for them to show is all.

IMAGE: I'm referring to the majority of programming that WE license. Stems are not always available to go back to. We have several guys in house that can do this work...when the elements are available.


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