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Images of the Past and Future

The upstart comic book company celebrates ten years with a unique reunion project

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 30, 2001
Source: Image Comics

2001 Image Comics
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During the San Diego Comic-Con, Image Vice-President and Publisher Jim Valentino announced several new projects for the publisher often seen as the third most influential comic book company after the "Big Two," DC and Marvel. Coming up in the first half of 2002, they are:

IMAGE COMICS: THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY BOOK An original hardcover collection, this unique volume will reunite all of the original Image founders, in many cases bringing them back to the creations with which they were most closely associated.

Erik Larsen the only original partner still writing and drawing his own book will present "The Secret Origin of the Savage Dragon." Marc Silvestri will update fans on the whereabouts of Cyber-Force, while Valentino will write and draw his first solo story, featuring a new incarnation of his popular character, Shadowhawk.

And then it's time for the 500 lb. Gorilla to show up. Todd McFarlane himself will return to write and draw an all-new Spawn story for this 10th anniversary celebration. With a jam cover by all of the original Image partners and a limited edition slip-case edition as well, this will be a must-have tome for Image fans. The book will be released in February 2002 with an introduction by former Image Executive Director, Larry Marder.

What to do after you've marked ten years as a comic book publisher? How about an ""Image founders toy line?" McFarlane Toys will produce new toys based on classic Image characters Spawn (and there hasn't been a new Spawn figure in five minutes), Ripclaw, Savage Dragon, and Shadowhawk.

The popular James Robinson/Paul Smith adventure series, LEAVE IT TO CHANCE will also return in what has been dubbed the "Tin-Tin format." At first re-presenting old material on a quarterly basis, the series will then feature all-new stories by the same creative team.

Eric Shanower's out-of-print OZ books also get the "Tin-Tin" treatment in another quarterly series comprised of five volumes.

Image strikes a blow against guns in the "odd-sized" THE FANTASTIC VOYAGE OF BILLY THE BULLET. Valentino describes this intriguing project as an "anti-gun message disguised as a spoof of children's books." Besides its unusual format, the book will also feature a script written in couplets by writer/artist Mitchell Landsman.

FUSED is a finite series written by Steve Niles and drawn by Nat Jones, both from SPAWN: THE DARK AGES. It's a post-modern melange of man and machine, but the book has not yet been scheduled.

Finally, Rick Veitch's graphic novel BRAT PACK will be reprinted for a tentative March 2002 release. Hailed at the time as a deconstructionist take on the super-hero, the story follows kid side-kick heroes whose lives have "gone terribly wrong."

Commenting on the plans for next year, Valentino said, "With talents such as Robinson, Smith, Veitch, Landsman, and Shanower I feel as though we are coming closer to my goal of redefining Image. These books display the enormous diversification possible in the medium in terms of both subject and style. I consider this one of our best line-ups ever."


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