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Image's PRO

By Rob Allstetter     February 05, 2002

Image Comics' PRO
© Image Comics

Jimmy Palmiotti has released the first image of PRO, a 56-page one-shot due in July that features a super-powered prostitute.

The book is written by Garth Ennis, has art by Amanda Conner and Palmiotti and is colored by Paul Mounts.

Here's how PRO is described:

"An intergalactic bet is taken and superpowers are bestowed on the most unlikely person on Earth. By day, she is a waitress at a local Denny's, but by night...uh...well, she's a chainsmoking hooker who's pissed off at the world and she's got the mouth and backside to prove it. No need for protection when the League of Honor is on the case. Join Speedo, The Saint, The Squire, The Lime, The Lady and The Knight as they enlist the Pro in their fight against evil."

Palmiotti acknowledges the book carries controversy.

"It's pretty crazy stuff as far as Garth goes, and with Amanda added on, it's visually stunning in its depiction of sex and violence," Palmiotti says. "Let's not even get into the friggin' language."


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