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The Most Impossible Games Ever Made

James and Troy reach a conclusion: FINAL FANTASY TACTICS destroys lives

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     December 12, 2003

A few weeks ago, Troy and James took on the issue of the worst games ever made. This week, they decided on tackling the issue of the toughest games ever. The games that make you scream and throw your controller against the wall, and in all likelihood, many of you have experienced this while playing these games.

"I have to go with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE back on the Nintendo, I never made it past level three (there were only six levels though). Other major toughies included gems like CONTRA (without the cheat), MARBLE MADNESS (which literally could drive you mad) and I'm sure there were many more. Arcade wise, games like LUNAR LANDER and DONKEY KONG were no cup of tea. Which inspired me to put many quarters (or play them for many hours online). The hard games were lots of fun, it seems that games these days don't have quite the same challenge to them. IKARUGA and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS both stand out as recent toughies." - James

"While there aren't a ton of incredibly tough games on the market today (although there are some), most of the games that I found challenging are older games. For some reason, when I was younger, MEGA TURRICAN for


the Sega Genesis used to give me fits. The game was just so blasted hard to me. BATTLETOADS for the NES was incredibly hard as well, especially in the later levels. But probably my pick for the hardest game I've ever played is FINAL FANTASY TACTICS for the Playstation. I'm not sure if I've ever gone to greater lengths to yell at a game. Imagine repeating the same level over and over again, dying at the same enemy each time. Now you know why my old PS controllers don't work like they used to." Troy


Nintendo has introduced its loyalty program, allowing gamers to register new


Nintendo consoles, handhelds and games for tips, extras, and products including the new Zelda bonus disc... The Hollywood Wax Museum has added Mario to its collection, Luigi was left guarding the Mushroom Kingdom... Game retailers have agreed to begin checking IDs for purchases of M-Rated games, most major game chains and department store chains are part of the agreement... Penny-Arcade.Com is running a drive to provide Toys and Games to the Seattle Children's Hospital... LucasArts has already released its second downloadable content package for SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY on Xbox Live.... Sega is suing Fox Interactive over SIMPSON'S ROAD RAGE saying it rips off CRAZY TAXI (yes, yes it does).



It looks like the holiday releases are beginning to slow down with Christmas less

The classic DONKEY KONG arcade game. Roll barrels roll!

than two weeks away, because, seriously, there isn't much coming out next week. THE SIMS: BUSTIN' OUT comes out for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and Xbox, along with GOBLIN COMMANDER: UNLEASH THE HORDE for the GameCube. CHAOS LEGION hits the PC, and, obviously trying to see how much money can be made off the namesake, a Playstation version of THE CAT IN THE HAT is being released as well.


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