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captm0rgan77 6/26/2008 7:44:30 AM
I actually just picked this game up yesterday and played it last night on my PS3. It's really good. I played the earlier version for the PS2 and this one is very similar (even down to the combo's.) I can't imagine playing this on my Wii. Where Resident Evil 4 looked really good and plays very good for the Wii. This game is just a straight adrenaline rush of rampage and destruction. I think the Wii's processor would be maxed to the gills so they'd really have to turn down the content to make it work. One little problem that I noticed, so far, is that you can't see very far. When I climbed up to the tallest building and looked across the city you can only view a couple of blocks. The rest is blocked by some kind fog looking mist like they did for GTA San Andreas. Where I can see the application for it in San Andreas (due to the MASSIVE amount of content) for a PS3 game (on a Blu-Ray format no less) it's kind of shitty. In Spider-Man 3 for the PS2 you can see further. Maybe I'm being to nit-picky or maybe I've been playing to much Assasin's Creed, where you can see for miles over the horizon.
Jakester 6/26/2008 10:26:49 AM
Er..FYI, you state that the character renders leave "little to be desired," then that means that they are very good. However, you imply the opposite. Does ne1 uze poofreraders nemoar?


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