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Indy 5: What Should It Be?

8/3/2008 8:07:56 AM permalink

When Jarrod wrote his article on the concept of an Indiana Jones 5, all hell seemed to break loose.

Which is a good thing. We're all fans, we all want to see Indy go in a certain direction, even if we don't all agree what that direction should be.

I wrote my "Open Letter" to George Lucas, and Jarrod read it and completely disagreed with every inch of it.

Again, fine. Hell I've even invited him to be my friend on this mad mixed up site. (Don't be afraid, I'm keeping the Tree People at bay.)

And he's probably not the only one who said "that's a stupid idea" when reading my suggestion.

So let's list a few things Indy COULD go looking for to keep out of the Russian's hands. It's not a definitive list, I admit, but there's always possibilities.

Some of these topics I've already written about in my nearly finished "Interesting Times" series, and some are topics I will never cover. Some are options left open. Some are intentionally preposterous: there's no way they'd make it as an Indy movie plot.


The Fountain Of Youth


Solomon's Ring

Easter Island


The 3 Cauldrons Of Inspiration

The Garden Of Eden


Macchu Picchu

Screaming skulls (not the Crystal skulls, these are human skulls that shriek when they leave their places of burial)


Spock (for those of you who haven't seen more than half of Star Trek 3)

Shroud of Turin (It's not real, the one hanging up in Italy. Just so you know that.)

Jimmy Hoffa

The Bermuda Triangle\Dragon's Triangle

KFC's Secret Blend of Sauces and Spices

James Dean's cursed car The Little Bastard (I'm only adding this one cause I love the story. No, Indy shouldn't go looking for the remains of this Spyder Porsche.

There's a few more topics out there of mystery...suggest them if you want. I'm quite certain I didn't mention them all.

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