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  • Distributor: DC Direct
  • Can I Play With It?: As long as you invite Yu-gi-oh and the Power Rangers, too.

Infinite Crisis Series 1

Bigger Than a Breadbox

By John Denning     October 02, 2006

Mongul from Infinite Crisis Series 1
© DC Direct
DC Direct has released its first series of figures based on the popular universe-changing crossover from last summer. This is just in time to help promote sales of the collected edition of the comic series coming soon. Although Infinite Crisis appealed mostly to hardcore superhero fans who could follow the ins and outs of the convoluted series, the figures themselves seem more like children's fare than anything else.

Surprisingly, despite some poor molding on a lot of the figures, the faces came out looking distinct. The massive Mongul figure has a great ogre-like snarl and both Power Girl and Alex Luthor seem faithful to the art of the series. Things to watch for in terms of bad detail include the paintwork around Power Girl's boot zippers and hairline as well as molding lines around Superboy Prime's face. These things are the inevitable consequence of mass production, but it pays to make sure you've gotten yourself a better figure by watching for these pitfalls.

The Omac figure comes down to personal taste, and though I'm not a fan of clear plastic figures, I have to admit I enjoy the Tron look it has going. Mongul, while appealing as a massive figure (he dwarfs the most recent Darkseid figure), he feels like something right out of a Power Rangers episode. That said, if you like the character, you can't argue with how awesomely huge it is.

The series also makes action figure history with the first removable mullet piece ever created. Said to be included to "simulate [a] Pre-Crisis look," Alex Luthor's mullet looms in the packaging like a villain in its own right, ready to dominate the mind of any action figure it can attach itself to and bring about the apocalypse. How can you afford not to have such a powerful accessory in your collection?


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dragon261 10/2/2006 8:08:36 AM
The Dc figures are poorly designed, articulated and are too cartoonish. Toybiz/hasbro Marvel figures are superior in everyway and it shows in the sales they fly off the shelves. Dc figures set and collect dust and wind up in the bargan bin at walmart.
yousaidwhat 10/2/2006 12:17:56 PM
Dragon261, are you kidding? Putting aside the fact that DC Direct's figures are not sold at Wal-Mart (or other mass merchants, for that matter), Marvel's figures are terrible. When I was a buyer for a now-defunct chain of comic/collectible stores, I was shocked by how poorly done the Marvel based figures were (especially any figure involving Iron Man). The only exception I can think of was 1999's Avengers first appearance set, which was actually cool. Beyond that, I haven't seen a Marvel figure that's as well designed as my 1978 vintage Luke Skywalker figure in many years.


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