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INKHEART Trailer and Official Site Online

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     December 09, 2007
Source: New Line Cinema

Meggie (Eliza Bennett) finds the magic of books very realistic in INKHEART(2008).
© New Line

The first trailer for the upcoming fantasy adventure INKHEART has been launched this weekend by New Line via their new official website. The film stars Brendan Fraser, Eliza Bennett, Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis, Rafi Gavron and Sienna Guillory. Iain Softley directed the fantasy. Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire scripted the bigscreen adaptation of German author Cornelia Funke's fantasy novel, the first of a trilogy. The second novel Inkspell was published last fall and the third tale Inkdawn will hit book shelves in 2008.

To see the new trailer, new site and concept art, click the link above..

Plot Concept: "Inkheart" revolves around a girl whose father has the power to bring characters from books to life by reading aloud. When a villainous ruler and his band of rogues from a children's fable kidnap the man, his daughter and her friends, both real and imaginary, must rescue him.

INKHEART hits theaters March 19, 2008.


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basboy 12/9/2007 9:51:12 AM
"Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway..." er, uh I don't know, but suddenly I can't help but think about that A-Ha song as I am reading this blurb- wierd!
20105 12/9/2007 11:29:14 AM
Brendan Fraser. Why am I not surprised?
chaotic 12/9/2007 1:08:57 PM
Sounds like The Mummy.
estavares 12/9/2007 2:33:38 PM
What's really sad is this film MIGHT be fine enough, but they have the same overlit, too-much-CGI, the same beat-for-beat preview as all of the recent kid-lit movies (Narnia, Spiderwick, Bridge to Terabithia, Dark is Rising, ad nauseum). These previews all look the same ever since Star Wars Episode 1 did the "cut to black with important text fading in/zooming out/flipping around". Don't the filmmakers want to stand out? Be different? Look a cut apart from the rest? Or are we as viewers so stupid that such weak previews and rushed storylines pack us into theaters? Where are the films that really excite us and get us using our imaginations these days? I'm off my soapbox now. As you were. :)
almostunbiased 12/9/2007 7:39:46 PM
Looks ok. Might do well in March. I agree about the trailers.
monkeyfoot 12/10/2007 10:38:15 AM
Yeah, estavares. It does have that same kid-fantasy novel to movie feel to it. All of these recently made (and some still upcoming) movies are all starting to blur together and I can't tell one from the other. Plus the not too spectacular opening of Golden Compass and The Seeker might be showing that the audience and kids are having their fill of these. Cool to see Andy Serkis in a full-on live action role again as a villian. He's so animated he doesn't need CG enhancement.
jarodimus 12/10/2007 10:59:38 AM
Saw this trailer on Friday with Golden Compass. It was the first I'd heard of the movie. -- chaotic said: "Sounds like The Mummy." Bwah? How, other than starring Brendan Fraser, does this sound remotely like The Mummy? -- estavares said: "they have the same overlit, too-much-CGI, the same beat-for-beat preview as all of the recent kid-lit movies" While I certainly don't think the trailer itself broke any new ground, I fail to see how it's "overlit" or has "too-much-CGI". The only highly-lit scenes I saw were the ones outdoors in daylight. And would you prefer Claymation and rubber suits? At any rate, it looks interesting to me. Brendan Fraser Andy Serkis fantasy genre potential literary character crossover a la League of Extraordinary Gentleman = I'll see it.
scoundrel 12/10/2007 11:23:32 AM
I don't know...I hate to say this, but Andy Serkis didn't seem all that scary to me. He's not Lord Voldermort -- he's not even the Rider. Has anyone read this book? I read another of the author's (The Thief Lord) and was incredibly disappointed. The trailer seems kind of interesting but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
estavares 12/10/2007 2:20:28 PM
jarodimus: yeah, I would like to see practical effects make a bigger return. Heck, I'd take the claymation and rubber suits if done right (grin). Look at "Pan's Labyrinth" with its extraordinary makeup effects -- most everyone else would have made Pan and the "eyeballs in the hands" guy CGI. Filmmakers are often lighting these kid-friendly films with such a similar palette that's its hard to tell the difference. I hope this film can transcend the temptation to market it like similar films. I think studios are trying to fit a brand, rather than risk a mid-list film by standing out on its own merits.


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