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Innocent Venus

A mass of violent storms ravages the planet, and over 60 percent of the world's population is wiped out in an instant. What remains of life on Earth is a broken and barren existence - but in Japan, there is an exception. Here, the wealthy rule. They own the war machines, they suppress the masses, and they have a very dark secret. Caught in the middle of this conspiracy is an innocent child, a girl, codenamed Venus. The military has her in their crosshairs, but the rebels are determined to protect her. What is her purpose? What are her powers? Can she offer new hope for a world so drastically changed?

Innocent Venus Reviews

Region 1 - North America

Innocent Venus Vol. #2 (also w/box) by ADV Films
Innocent Venus Vol. #3 by ADV Films

Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Innocent Venus Vol. #1 by ADV Films UK
Innocent Venus Vol. #2 by ADV Films UK