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Interactive Evil

Capcom and THQ cash in on the popularity of horror gaming with new sequels to popular horror titles

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     July 03, 2002

Resident Evil for GameCube, how is this not intense?
© 2001 Capcom

Since the release of the first RESIDENT EVIL on the Sony PlayStation, horror has been one of the hottest genres of video games. Computer chillers like SILENT HILL, EVIL DEAD and HOUSE OF THE DEAD are big sellers, while some of the most demanded sequels are those to horror titles.

A major source of the new horror sequels coming out is Capcom, creator of the RESIDENT EVIL games. First up on the company's slate is ONIMUSHA 2.

"The first [ONIMUSHA] sold over 2 million units worldwide and was the first PlayStation 2 game to sell a million units in Japan," says Matt Atwood, Capcom's public relations manager. "ONIMUSHA 2 features tons of new stuff with new technology. We're really expanding on that series; it's sort of our high-budget series. We've always used famous actors in it."


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