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Interview: Kevin Feige on Marvel's Upcoming Films

    June 15, 2007

Marvel prexy Kevin Feige gives the scoop on various Marvel movies in development. Some remarks of interest:

We've got the 'Incredible Hulk' that will go into production, the day that ['Iron Man'] goes into post on July 9th, 'Hulk' starts production in Toronto...We've just cast William Hurt, we announced that today, I will be headed to Toronto and the end of next week.

I have a writer on Captain America right now, we're hoping to get a director on that very soon to get that one into the pipeline within the next year or so, same thing with Thor. Mark Protosevich has delivered a Thor script and David Self is writing Captain America.

Feige also comments on the 'Sub-Mariner' project, which has not been discussed much of late.

No it's not gone, Jonathan Mostow is doing a re-write with the intention to direct, that script should be coming in a few weeks.

And finally, the troubled 'Punisher 2':

Lionsgate is putting that one together with us right now, I think that they will be announcing a director probably in the near future and another star in the near future. The only reason I have any interest in doing another Punisher movie is to do a better Punisher movie...We have a director, we would like to announce a director and actor together.

There's lots more in this extensive interview.


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