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Interview: Mark Steven Johnson On Ghost Rider and Preacher!

    December 01, 2006

"It's tough because you can't shoot it like a normal movie, because everytime [sic] there is a closeup of Ghost Rider it's gonna cost you 50 grand. You know, what I mean, and if it's a wide shot, it's 100 grand," says director Mark Steven Johnson of the special challenges involved in shooting 'Ghost Rider'. "So you can't cover it the way you normally would, you always want more coverage than you have. It's not like a normal movie because your hero is a special effect. So it's always, that's the tough part for me, always wanting to have more than you can but at what cost, it's a very expensive character, that' s why it's been so tough to pull off."The director also said he's meeting with little resistance from HBO on his 'Preacher' ideas."So it's like, we had our first meeting the other day, I kept waiting for them to go, we're not doing this! (laughing) It's like, I want Odin Quincannon having sex with a meat person. (laughing) If I can do that, I've made my mark on the world," said MSJ. "Everything is just like so out there, this is it. They're like, fuckin' HBO's got balls, they were like, yeah bring it! Do it! So, I'm like, it's just like Daredevil, it's just like Ghost Rider, no one comes to your door and says, hey, you want to do these movies? I'm the last guy. But I'm the guy that gets it done because I care and because I do it."More...


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