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Interview with Punisher's Doug Hutchinson

    February 26, 2008

Actor Doug Hutchinson appears in the upcoming 'Punisher: War Zone' as Looney Bin Jim, a character created for the screen by director Lexi Alexander. sat down with the actor for an in-depth Q & A (presented in both Italian and English).

"Looney Bin Jim is described by another character in the movie as a cross between 'Hannibal Lector and Hitler'," Hutchinson told Comicus. "Looney Bin Jim is Jigsaw's brother and Frank Castle's worst nightmare."

Jigsaw is played in the film by Dominc West, known for his work as a flawed but dedicated police detective on 'The Wire'.

Hutchinson said, although he didn't have to wear tedious prosthetic makeup as the scar-faced Jigsaw does, his character still had its own set of demands.

"I changed physically. LBJ resided in an asylum for the criminally insane for 10 years. So, I shaved my head and worked diligently with our make-up artist to add a pale pallor, dark circles under my eyes, and a gaunt 'craziness' to my appearance," says Hutchinson. "I worked with our dialect coach to hone a Brooklyn accent. Also, LBJ disintegrates both mentally and physically throughout the film as his medication wears off and he grows increasingly violent. I 'scored' the script (and my character arc) with Lexi in order to keep track of the gradual transformations. Other than that, I just had a hell of a lot of fun playing a deranged psycho!"

For more about Looney Bin Jim, check out the complete interview.


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