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Mania Grade: A

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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: B+
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Viz Media
  • MSRP: 8.95
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN: 1-59116-052-9
  • Size: Tall B6
  • Orientation: Left to Right

InuYasha (Action Edition) Vol. #05

By Megan Lavey     May 23, 2004
Release Date: September 01, 2003

InuYasha (Action Edition) Vol.#05
© Viz Media

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Rumiko Takahashi
Translated by:Mari Morimoto
Adapted by:

What They Say
As a half-breed with a human mother, Inuyasha has always been different from other demons, but Kagome never realized just how different until the rising of the new moon reveals Inuyasha's most carefully protected secret. Worse yet, a hideous ogress plans to resurrect Kikyo, the priestess who "killed" Inuyasha all those years ago, using the dead woman's bones...and Kagome's soul!

The Review
Kagome, in various shades of blue, takes up most of this cover with a smirking Inuyasha in front of her. It's a simple cover and the colors work wonderfully, as Inuyasha's red haori stands out from all of the blues. The back side is a shade of aqua and features human Inuyasha.

This is standard for the series and nothing really stands out here. The use of motion when Kagome's soul is stolen at the end of the volume is done very well and there's a lot of nice big panels with pretty pictures of angsty Inuyasha for the girls to enjoy.

Nothing special about the translation leaps out at me here. It's about as standard as the series has gotten at this point. The use of Middle English by the native Sengoku Jidai folks still has me giggling after all of this time.

Hello, plot! Boy, are we glad to see you. This book finally brings in the seeds of the larger quest that will drive the series and makes Inuyasha and Kagome realize that the quest for the Shikon Jewel is becoming much more than a search for shards.

But first, most of the book is taken up by your run of the mill "Shikon shard of the week" story that actually has some really good character development between Inuyasha and Kagome and sets the stage up for the next arc. A young girl falls into Kagome and Inuyasha's grasp as they travel down the river and Inuyasha manages to save her. The girl, Nazuna, takes an immediate dislike to Inuyasha and runs off. A worried Kagome demands that they follow, but Inuyasha is reluctant.

They follow Nazuna to the shrine where she's staying at since her parents were killed in a demon invasion - hence why she dislikes demons. The gang have dinner, but Inuyasha's in a surly mood. Suddenly, the shrine is attacked by demons and Inuyasha gets up to fight. However, Kagome notices the Tetsusaiga isn't transforming. The demons attack Inuyasha and Kagome and Shippo barely manage to get him out alive. It's only then that they discover that when the new moon occurs, Inuyasha turns human for the night.

They're about to remain outside the shrine for the night when Kagome remembers that the vial with the Shikon shards is in her backpack inside the shrine. So everyone returns to get them and spends the night fighting off the spider demon until Inuyasha returns to being a half-demon in the morning. In the middle of all of this, a barely conscious Inuyasha manages to confess to Kagome that she doesn't smell bad to him at all, causing her to start wondering about him.

With the spider demon defeated, they continue on their journey. Inuyasha dreams about Kikyo killing him and starts studying Kagome. He marvels over how much Kikyo and Kagome look alike, but then she wakes up and accidentally bashes Inuyasha in the head. This causes him to yell that Kagome is nothing like Kikyo at all, personality-wise. Then Inuyasha and Kagome see a strange woman flying in the air and Inuyasha picks up the scent of blood.

He immediately takes Kagome and Shippo back to Musashi's domain and they find out that it was Kaede's blood that Inuyasha smelled. Kaede tells them that Kikyo's grave was desecrated and her bones stolen by an ogress named Urasue.

Kaede prepares to go after Urasue and Kagome tries to talk Inuyasha into going with her. She tries to tell Inuyasha that even though Kikyo was his enemy, he should help retrieve her bones so she could rest. Kagome points out that Inuyasha has refused to look at her since the day before and asks if it bothered him so much that she looked like Kikyo. Inuyasha grabs Kagome's hand and tells her that she has it completely wrong. For a moment, it looks like he's going to kiss her, but then Kagome pushes him away. This causes Kagome to believe that Inuyasha really loved Kikyo instead of hating her.

Kaede, Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo head to Urasue's cave, where the ogress is cracking open a clay doll. A woman arises and it's Kikyo's body, formed from her bones and clay. However, the doll fails to function and Urasue realizes that she needs Kikyo's soul in order to fully animate her. Lucky for her, that's when Inuyasha's group arrives. Urasue attacks them, then kidnaps Kagome after sensing Kikyo's soul in her.

She places Kagome in a herbal bath and tries to draw the soul from her, but the Shikon Jewel helps Kagome resist it. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kaede arrive and see what's happening. On their way up, Inuyasha relates his version of the events that lead to his sealing and Kikyo's death and Kaede realizes that the stories are vastly different. When Inuyasha sees Kikyo, it breaks the resistance that Kagome had and allows her soul to flow into Kikyo's body.

Now fully revived, Kikyo stumbles to Urasue and kills her. Then she turns to face Inuyasha. Kikyo attacks Inuyasha and tells her side of the story about the events surrounding her death as she prepares to seal him once more.

We're finally getting into the meat of the series as we revisit the events that started the series and realize that there is a larger force at work here. Like Kaede, you start to grow suspicious and wonder what exactly happened here.

The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grows by leaps and bounds here. One of the most disputed lines in the entire series comes when Kagome yells at Inuyasha and asks if he hates her. That's when he grabs her arm and says that "You've got it wrong." That line can really be taken two ways. While it does reveal that Inuyasha did love Kikyo, as Kagome deduced, it also reveals that Inuyasha doesn't hate Kagome. In fact, his own feelings for her are growing and they're different from what they were with Kikyo. This was a natural confession to the "human Inuyasha" chapters when he admitted that Kagome smelled nice.

One of the most commonly overlooked observations about the series is that while the events between Inuyasha and Kikyo happened 50 years ago, for the two of them, they just occured that day (or in Inuyasha's case, just a couple weeks ago.) They're still reeling from the emotions they felt right at the point of when he attacked the village and she sealed him. Those raw emotions play into Kikyo's reaction when she wakes up and also the scenes before when Inuyasha is with Kagome. Takahashi really does a fantastic job at conveying Kikyo's anger during this sequence.

Another touching moment is when Inuyasha tells about the past with Kikyo. You really get a sense of how lonely Kikyo was when she was alive and can't help but feel sorry for her. Like Inuyasha, it appears that she's a person who really can't trust very easily, which makes the betrayal just as hard on her as it did on him.

Although there is some of the typical fighting and action going on, this is where the plot finally gets into gear. There's plenty to entertain the action lovers and the ones gunning for the relationship here. Having Kikyo return throws a kink into the works, but it's interesting to see how Takahashi adds her to the story as a means to reveal what actually happened in the past. This is an example of Inuyasha at its best, and I found myself immediately grabbing the next volume as I finished this one. Highly recommended.


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