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Mania Grade: A

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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Viz Media
  • MSRP: 8.95
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN: 1-59116-238-6
  • Size: Tall B6
  • Orientation: Left to Right

InuYasha (Action Edition) Vol. #17

By Megan Lavey     May 09, 2004
Release Date: March 01, 2004

InuYasha (Action Edition) Vol.#17
© Viz Media

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Rumiko Takahashi
Translated by:Mari Morimoto
Adapted by:

What They Say
Sesshomaru's quest to gain a new blade from an evil swordsmith has backfired - the vengeful soul of Goshinki, another of Naraku's demonic, "offspring," lives on in the blade. Can Inu-Yasha with his newly-restored Tetsusaiga take on this evil sword? Or will he have to learn how to better use the power of his father's great fang?

The Review
Packaging: Inuyasha wielding Tetsusaiga and Juromaru take up the front cover, the foes being split by the Inuyasha logo. It's a very clean cover that uses a lot of white space thanks to Tetsusaiga's fluff around its hilt. The back is the standard cover with the black gradient background and the book summary in a white box. The picture featured here is a small one of human Inuyasha protecting Kagome. It will definitely make the fans of the couple go "awwww"

Artwork: There's a lot of fighting and head decapitation going on in this volume. Takahashi has this habit of drawing a minimalistic background whenever there is a confrontation between characters, forcing you to concentrate on the plot itself without being distracted. The new characters, Juromaru and Kageromaru, are naturally very creepy beings - like the one they sprung from. They also share many of the same facial characteristics. You know these are Naraku's shades.

Text: The big thing about this volume is that for the first time, the Japanese names for attacks are used. Sango's "Hirakotsu" and Inuyasha's "Sankon Tesso" retain their original names with footnotes explaining what the English translation is. The only one who doesn't get this treatment is Miroku. His "Kazaana" is still referred to as "Wind Tunnel." Still, I commend Viz for keeping the majority of the attack names untranslated, especially as they get into the next few volumes of the manga.

Review:Sesshomaru comes across the slain body of Jaken and uses Tenseiga to revive him. He realizes this is the work of Kaijin-bo, who was suppose to be making him a sword and instead runs off.

Meanwhile, the Inuyasha group are sleeping around a campfire, with the exception of Inuyasha himself. It is the night of the New Moon and, as he subsequently admits to Miroku, is scared to fall asleep because he is afraid that they will be attacked. His worse fears come to light as Kaijin-bo comes across the group and says his new sword, Tokijin, is after Inuyasha's blood.

Sango leaps in to protect him, but her weapon is quickly sliced in half. Inuyasha fights Kajin-bo the best he can, and suddenly Toto-sai shows up with the newly-repaired Tetsusaiga. Shortly after this, dawn hits and Inuyasha goes back into his hanyou (half-demon) state. So with this, he whips out Tetsusaiga to defeat Kaijin-bo - and finds out he can't.

The weapon is now too heavy for him. But, suddenly, Tokijin reacts and swallows up Kajin-bo, causing the sword to embed itself in the ground. Toto-sai takes this time to let Inuyasha know that in order for Tetsusaiga to become lighter, he will have to realize his own strength. Then, Sesshomaru picks that moment to come along and test a theory - whether or not Inuyasha can transform into a full demon. The brothers fight and Toto-sai barely manages to get them out of there before Inuyasha manages to prove his brother right. Sesshomaru then returns to his camp to find Kagura there. This is the first time the characters meet and Kagura informs him to Goshinki's background and that she feels he has the strength necessary to defeat Naraku.

The rest of the book moves into the next arc with the introduction of Naraku's latest incarnations, Juromaru and Kageromaru. Koga shows up as well, forcing he and Inuyasha to work together to try and defeat them before they can get ahold of Kagome.

The key to this entire volume is a pretty significant realization for Inuyasha in regards to his power. Up until now, he's always taken what powers he's gotten forgranted. He never felt it was his right to have them, like Sesshomaru does with his, but he's taken them forgranted. He's a survivalist and does what he can to survive. With Toto-sai's revelation, he's going to have to dig deep within himself to fight the strength needed to enable Tetsusaiga to become lighter. But, this is Inuyasha, and so the idea doesn't catch on right away.

Another important plot point is Sesshomaru and Kagura's first encounter. Kagura actively stakes out Sesshomaru's camp (find Rin and you will find him) and let's him know in very terse terms that she feels he's the best one to do in Naraku. She is fully aware that her actions may get her killed, but she's willing to take the chance to escape Naraku. It is here that I really started to pull for Kagura. She's as much of a puppet to Naraku as Inuyasha's group is.

The final chapters dealing with Juromaru and Kageromaru are the run of the mill stuff when it comes to encountering Naraku. It forces Inuyasha and Koga to work together the best they can - usually by hurling insults at each other. Juromaru's introduction is just...creepy. Lots of heads roll during that chapter.

We are approaching what Rumiko Takahashi called the halfway point of the series (she said once that the series is about over in volume 20), and she takes time with this volume to give Inuyasha some needed character growth. Sango and Shippo are almost non-existant and Miroku gets in some good one-liners. Even Kagome takes a back seat in this book and allows Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to shine. Inuyasha's determination to protect those with him shows how much he's changed since the beginning of the series and I'm interested to see how he goes about finding the strength needed to make Tetsusaiga lighter. Very recommended.


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