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DarthDuck 4/29/2010 9:13:34 AM


redhairs99 4/29/2010 9:33:47 AM

What you left off your snippit about WB IMAX releases is that it says The Hobbit (December 2013).  That's the first confirmation that I've seen that the films are in fact being delayed.

jfdavis 4/29/2010 9:54:10 AM

Thor- Awesome news. The Kinks are playing in my head now. Still no word who Feore is playing though, huh?

Smurfs- So there is a Hefty Smurf? Then who was that other Smurf the mentioned awhile back? Who's Smurfette now that Anna Nicole is dead and all...

DCU- I thought as much given Nolan's invlovement and the Waller thing but awesome seeing put into words... 

Muenster 4/29/2010 10:53:14 AM

Geez, Scarlett says "um" a lot. She's an ok actress but I guess she's not that bright. Oh well, she sure is easy on the eyes though. Her voice has changed... sounds like a little like Kathleen Turner, minus the confidence.

cromulentcat 4/29/2010 11:12:05 AM

Just because she says "um" a lot does not mean she is not that bright.

But you sure are right about her being easy on the eyes!

Calibur454 4/29/2010 11:12:44 AM

Rather surpised by batman 3 coming up It wouldn't surprise me if dc tried to do a tie in frachise at this point following marvels success rate.

as far as the smurfs go- Damn I'm a foxworthy fan so I'll have to at least rent this monstrosity.

I just bought the IM2 soundtrack. It is a great cd for my collection- the good news- my computer actually recognized all the tracks and the disc itslef so I didn't have to put everything in manually. The bad news- I'm rather stunned by this but I-tunes doesn't have cover art for this yet and that means the ablum isn't available thru Itunes. Buying the dubledisc cd at target gave me the added bonus of having a movie cash ticket for IM2!

I'm super stoked for IM2 now ok well I have been since I saw the first trailer ....

jfdavis 4/29/2010 11:34:23 AM

@Muenster I think your avatar gives you a clue on why Scarlet has a deep voice...

ponyboy76 4/29/2010 12:02:40 PM

Johansson has always had a deep, smoky voice. Its actually one of the things that makes her so sexy. Not everyone can pull it off, but she does.

Darkknight2280 4/29/2010 12:26:14 PM

Scar Jo Is sooohawt and i will fight anyone who dissagrees! I know something i would like to do that involves the word deep that i would love to make happen with her..thats all i know! Snap!

Calibur454 4/29/2010 1:27:18 PM

LOL jeez some of you guys need help-  granted Scar jo is pretty damn hot but if you are going to be perverted about it and complain about how deep her voice gets you can always add a gag ball into your fantasies :))

so can we now get our focus off of that and focus on how cool this movie is going to be.

Ps. Even I fantasice about hot actresses from time to time but I  keep my thoughts to myself.

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