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IRON MAN 2 Flies High in Debut

Iron Man sequel grabs $133.6 million in opening frame.

By Jarrod Sarafin     May 09, 2010

Robert Downey Jr's return as Iron Man flies high at box office.
© Marvel Studios, Paramount


After a string of lackluster weekend reports it came down to Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios and Iron Man 2 to truly kick off the summer box office season in style. We were even at a point where other studios were cheering on the release’s performance, hoping the film will convince the summer crowds to come check out their upcoming pics as well. And it seems that despite not breaking any opening frame records, Iron Man 2 did its job well by grabbing $133.6 million in cash over its first three days of domestic release.
The opening tally comes well above its predecessor which grabbed a $98.6 mil opening back in 2008. Some insiders believed strong predebut ticket sales could translate it to beating The Dark Knight’s record of $158.4 million but that wasn’t to be.  
The studio has revealed the demographics skewed 60% male, with 60% of patrons aged 25 or older. They also report the opening numbers marks for the best ever Paramount debut. And they were a bit nervous about this weekend…

"But what untied those knots was watching the film with a paying audience," says Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige added. "It really was an indication to us that they're still with us for this ride."
The release also ruled the foreign theatrical circuit over the weekend for the second straight foreign frame, flying in with $57.2 million from 10,774 locations in 61 markets. The latest international numbers has increased its foreign gross to $194 million.
When combined together, Iron Man 2 has a worldwide pull of $327.6 million. The studio expects the third film to be in theaters in 2013.

"We do have a contract with Robert Downey Jr. to do it, and it will come after 'The Avengers (summer 2012),' " Feige confirmed.

Warner Bros.' remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street dropped a disturbing 72% in its second domestic frame but still wound up in 2nd place with $9.2 million. The positive spin on that drop could only be attributed to the small budget ($35 mil) and the film’s domestic tally ($48.5 mil) being above that mark after ten days of release.
DreamWorks Animation officially crossed the $200 million barrier this weekend with their consistent 3D earner How to Train Your Dragon. The film ate up another $6.8 million in its seventh frame and to increase the cume to $201.1 million. With another $207.8 million in foreign markets the studio has amassed a global sum of $408.8 million after 45 days of release.
20th Century Fox’s Date Night and CBS Films’ The Back-Up Plan continue to grab decent numbers with the couple demographics. The films landed in the 4th and 5th places, respectively. “Date” took in another $5.3 million to make for a tally of $80.8 million while Jennifer Lopez’s “Plan” earned another $4.3 million. Its domestic is at $29.4 million.
Check out the rest of the top 10 below.

Iron Man 2
$133.6 mil
$133.6 mil
A Nightmare on Elm Street
$9.1 mil
$48.5 mil
How to Train Your Dragon
$6.7 mil
$201.0 mil
Date Night
$5.3 mil
$80.8 mil
The Back-Up Plan
$4.3 mil
$29.4 mil
Furry Vengeance
$4.0 mil
$11.6 mil
Clash of the Titans
$2.3 mil
$157.8 mil
Death at a Funeral
$2.1 mil
$38.3 mil
The Losers
$1.8 mil
$21.4 mil
$1.5 mil
$1.5 mil

With the summer box office season officially kicking off this weekend, we’ll begin to have the weekly numbers updated down below much like the last few summers here at Mania. Eventually when July is turning to August we will highlight the top 10 grossing releases of the summer as well.
Feel free to chime in below with your own top 10 summer predictions.
Friday, May 14, 2010 Releases
Robin Hood (3,400+)
Letters to Juliet (2,800)
Just Wright (1,800)
Princess Kaiulani
Looking for Eric
Daddy Longlegs
Here and There


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redhairs99 5/9/2010 3:28:30 PM

IM2 was pretty good.  I still liked the first one slightly better, but then I'm a sucker for origin stories.  I'm even one of the few who prefers Star Wars to Empire Strikes Back.  Just a couple of spots in IM2 where I thought the action was a bit much in particular with Happy driving/dodging thru the cars at the Monaco race.  Still, very good film, and not disappointed in the least.

Looking forward to Robin Hood next weekend.

Tienaai 5/9/2010 4:01:37 PM

I was expecting more in terms of box office...sad when $130 plus is a disappointment.  I wanted it to surpass Batman.  I just feel that movie was good but way too overrated.  I do believe that some if it's opening weekend tally was from the death of Legder.  Not a bad thing as his performance was the best thing in an otherwise mediocre movie.  Anyway back to Mr Stark...we didn't even go.  We were in the city, too...but didn't want to spend the $10 for tickets (yes...$5 each...and 3D movies are $ I don't see what the bitching about prices are all about...move to the country) and waste 3 hours of our day.  We only saw the first one in the $1 theatre...hahaha!!  Perhaps next week as there really isn't much opening in the way of "good" movies till Predators.  In the end, I am glad it was a hit...first one was a decent movie.  And I am anxious for the Avengers...even though I have never read a single comic.  

Just remember that Twilight movie had a bigger haul than our Iron getting beat down by a girl.  I thought there would be more Fat Comic Book guys waiting in line...shame...


themovielord 5/9/2010 4:09:36 PM

Like 2 a lot better. It was more charcater driven. Agree with Rob W. on Sam Jack. Come on dude play Nick Fury and not yourself.

Wiseguy 5/9/2010 5:03:14 PM

I loved IM2. Saw it twice and will almost definitely see it at least one more time. I think the movie stands well next to the first and in the genre. I will say that my only pet peeve is that like the first it wasn't as much action as you'd expect and the fight with the "heavy" in both films were a bit short. Of course the first time around everything is fresh so I think that's why the so-so reception by some of the second. But even with that I found both films to be excellent. Not crowded or distracted by Fury or the Black Widow or any of the characters introduced which were all great IMO.

Will almost certainly see Robin Hood at some point but it's still up in the air as to when. For some reason or several reasons this film hasn't clicked with me.

Is it wrong that I'm actually sorta kinda looking forward to MacGruber. Hey, it's batting 100% over at rottentomatoes, even if it is only 7 reviews :)

I had said that I thought that IM2 wouldn't beat TDK but that it had an outside shot and I felt that they made a mistake by opening the film overseas first, think some of the tempered reviews actually kept some from rushing to see it. A better strategy as has been shown by other big films is to open worldwide at the same time, that way you benefit completely from all the hype going in and don't give critics too much of a chance to cool that momentum down. Anyway, I'm sure no one over at Marvel are crying over this, they're already over 300mil all together

krathwardroid 5/9/2010 5:31:04 PM

I knew Iron Man 2 wouldn't beat The Dark Knight, so this is no surprise. I didn't find Iron Man 2 all that interesting. Most of the reviews were right about this movie. It's certainly not taking $10 more of my money to watch it a second time. It'll have to wait for DVD. Now it's time for Thor.

krathwardroid 5/9/2010 5:38:46 PM

Tienaai: And about the Twilight box office intake; you have to figure the percentage of female viewers going to watch Twilight not once, but twice and maybe three times in the same weekend. Iron Man has a mixed fanbase. When you get millions of screaming women all over the world flocking to watch Edward and Bella every time a new movie premieres, it's sad to say the film will perform better than our heroic Shellhead.

Wiseguy 5/9/2010 5:45:48 PM

krath,Twilight gets the nod for opening weekend over IM but IM will eclipse Twiligfht's total just like the first did.

$5 and $1 tickets? Where is this land of oz you refer to Tienaai? It's $13 for a regular show and $19.50 for I-Max, which I prefer when available, at my #1 theater.

Where's Kick Ass? So much for repeat business I guess

Tienaai 5/9/2010 5:46:39 PM

krath - I know...had to bust some butts there...even my own.  I really tried to watch Ed and Bella in the last one to make up for all the craptastic movies I make her watch, but I had to leave 1/2 thru it.  I admit failure.  I almost included a line from a friend of mine...but it was just too horrible...even Sonyman would be offended.  I am curious to see what the entire take of this movie will be.  I do want to see it...just may be on the ol blu-ray machine.  I am just not in the summer movie mode yet.

Tienaai 5/9/2010 5:49:13 PM

I am up in's $5 for a matinee (I can't make it much past 8pm)...$6 for Avatar in 3-d...I think...may have been $7.  

redhairs99 5/9/2010 5:56:12 PM

Wise, I can't believe you're looking forward to MacGruber.  The first time they did it on SNL it was chuckle worthy, but when I saw it a second time I thought, :Okay, that's enough."  I was thinking this morning as I watched what I wanted to be a very funny SNL (which was pretty terrible, Betty had a couple good bits but that was it) "who is looking forward to this MacGruber movie?"

Aorry to hate on the film, Wise, but I don't get the appeal. 

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