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Tienaai 5/9/2010 5:57:53 PM

Wise - I had to check that out about Macgruber.  You are right...I always kid about wanting to see it, but it may just end up on the ol netflix.  And I hear ya about Robin Hood...

HarryTuttle 5/9/2010 5:58:46 PM

 Wise, for what it's worth I believe the strategy in releasing IM2 a week early in Europe was because of the World Cup coming up. Paramount and Marvel wanted to take advantage of an extra week before that starts because they're anticipating a steep drop in attendance in Europe once the tournament starts in June.

Hobbs 5/9/2010 6:02:22 PM

IM2 rocked!  All those people who said it spent too much time setting up other movies didn't see the same movie I did.   Seriously, people were actually bitching about the 40 seconds they hinted at other movies in which they didn't hit us over the head with.  Great movie, as good as the first one in my eyes.

Only reason I didn't pick it to beat out TDK was because it opened up overseas a week ago and it lost some its thunder.  133 is still nothing to sneeze at but I still think it lost some ground.  Lesson to studio, open your movies in U.S. first for maxium box office return.

You can already see they are setting up Howard Stark to be in the Captain America movie. 


ponyboy76 5/9/2010 6:12:09 PM

I finally saw The Losers this weekend and while it was cool and not much beats watching Zoe Saldana roll around in her undies, it just didn't have any kick to it. I can see why it didn't do so well at the B.O.

I didn't expect Iron Man 2 to beat TDK but I knw that it would do well and it did. 133 mil is a great chunk of cash. Its doing well overseas with 194 mil in just 2 weeks, so I expect it to do pretty decent numbers in the long run.

I don't think them releasing it a week early in Europe had anything to do with the World Cup. Yes, its a big thing but its not like its being held in Europe. Its in S.A. Studios just sometmes release movies over here a week or tow earller. lLike Kick-Ass was over in London for almost a month before it was released in the U.S.

I'm looking forward to Robin Hood.

Bmfstunner 5/9/2010 6:27:27 PM

I saw IM2 yesterday and I was like "wow," IM2 was a shell of it's predecessor. No doubt it was fun, but the storyline was definitely convoluted. I'm still wondering why we needed the Black Widow and then it seemed obvious, a ploy by Marvel to make a spinoff because the Black Widow was booooring in IM2.

The whole time leading up to the release people were saying mixed things and numerous media outlets were saying a lot of the same things. IM2 definitely got hurt by the reviews, had it received unanmious praise it most likely would have made 10 to 15 million more.

monkeyfoot 5/9/2010 6:29:14 PM

Loved IM2! All jets ablaze! Enjoyed the action, but no, it's not "Blow Stuff Up" from start to finish which is fine. Because what has become evident from the first movie, the Iron Man movies are RDJ-driven. It's his persona of Tony Stark that stands head above plot, action, and FX. Stick Tom Cruise in his place with the same script and it wouldn't be half as enjoyable especially to non-fanboys. Just like in the first film the character he creates  and what he goes through is the most interesting. It's an added bonus that he also happens to be a superhero.The obvious ad-libing between characters makes all the people that much more fun to me. Loved RDJ and Paltrow's interplay.

Loved the action when it was there, too. They did some of the stuff the little kid in me wanted to see. Left me wanting to see more, especially The Avengers and other Marvel Movieverse upcoming.

It doesn't bother me when a movie I like doesn't break the records of everything else. I just want it to do well. And it did that and then some!

wessmith1966 5/9/2010 6:46:18 PM

I thought IM2 was terrific from top to bottom; story, action, character development, forwarding the Avengers plotline. I liked the movie more than first film. I especially liked Stark's story in the movie. I won't go into specifics for anyone that hasn't seen the film.

I really thought it would take in more money, especially given the theater distribution. Did anyone's theater charge extra for the movie? I read where some theaters are beginning to charge more for the blockbuster films (Carmike theaters was one).

Darkknight2280 5/9/2010 7:08:47 PM

I pay $9 a ticket here in columbus, Ohio and $14 for Imax :) IM2 Was as good as the first in my opinion! Im going to see it again this weekend. IMax was awesome, such a clear picture! SPOILER********************************Loved the part when he was drunk and asked DJ AM for a beat to kick his friends ass to!...LMFAO! Just tickled me********************************End spoiler. So many funny and awesome parts to mention!. RDJ was born to play Tony Stark/Iron Man!!!!!!!!

RaithManan 5/9/2010 7:42:36 PM

While I thoroughly enjoyed IronMan 2, it just felt a little short of surpassing the first film in the end. While the action was more cranked up and taking on a slightly darker tone, it just felt like it was missing something to put it over the top of the original.

But with that said, RDJ continues to be on a roll and while there were mixed opinions about Don Cheadle (who is always a solid actor) replacing Terrance Howard (solid actor in his own right) as Rhodes, did a fine job as I expected from him.

Now I don't know if anyone here took to observation, but didn't Sam Rockwell look awfully like Gary Oldman playing an asshole version of Gordon without the mustache?? I don't know if that was sheer coincidence or an inside jab since IronMan and The Dark Knight took friendly jabs at each other in 2008.

And to Scarlett Johansonn.........MEOW!!!

Final note: MacGruber is about as funny as cancer. The character needs to be put out of its misery.

Calibur454 5/9/2010 7:52:55 PM

Its no surprise to anyone that IM2 hit the box office stride.. I thought the movie was just as good as  the first one. Yo Hobbs now that you have seen IM2 What are your thoughts on Nick Fury. I think he did a great job of it myself..

I also got a kick out of all the comic book eater eggs in the film. I also got a kick out of seeing Bill O Reiley of all people making a cameo in the film. While I was watching the movie and a comic book easter egg would pop up on the screen about half of the theater croud would gigle and the half would wispper What What is it? I got a kick out of that as well. Can't wait for the dvd.

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