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DarthDuck 5/9/2010 8:09:47 PM

Saw it twice.  In IMAX Friday night and then on a regular screen Sunday night.

I liked it.  A lot.  There were very few things about it that I didn't like.  I think the complaints of 'too much going on' are unfair.  It wasn't too much to keep track of and wasn't that heavy.  I'm willing to bet that all the kids in the theater kept up with it, why can't critics and haters?

My main complaint, as it was with the first one, was that the main villain show-down was hugely anitclimactic and a real let down.

Other than that I found it all fantastic and fun.  I didn't think there was too much Avengers set-up; I thought there wasn't enough!!

I may still like the original more though...

Skroin 5/10/2010 1:55:51 AM

I'm glad with how IM2 is doing.

Between this movie, and how TDK's success was- it obviously shows that people want great comic book films.

The problem is most people don't deliver on the "great" part and mainly go for the "comic-book-cram-as-many-people-in-as-possible approach".

I am completely happy with the money I spent on IM2, as I found myself nodding my head in approval and thinking "hell ya!" to myself quite a bit.

kimbroo 5/10/2010 3:33:57 AM

This is kind of a craptacular summer movie-wise.  Summer 2011 looks to be much more awesome if you ask me.  Anyway...

The following are my predictions for the top 10 domestics for summer 2010

1. Toy Story 3: 380 Mil

2.  Iron Man 2: 320 Mil

3. The Sorcerer's Apprentice: 275 Mil

4. Twilight 3: 260 Mil

5.  Prince of Persia:  220 Mil

6. Salt: 210 Mil

7.  A-Team: 180 Mil

8. Predators: 160 Mil

9.  Last Airbender:155 Mil

10. The Expendables: 140 Mil




vitieddie 5/10/2010 4:27:56 AM

IM2 had a slow first half and a smashing second half. The final battle was a let down though.

IM was a much better movie and TDK deserves to still be at the top.

Dazzler 5/10/2010 4:33:34 AM

Iron man 2 was a good movie, but not great as it could have been.  I can't believe they cut a scene from preview in it already, the Pepper kissing the helmet scene.  You also have to stay for after full credits for the bonus scene. 

I know the problem with this movie is they could not pick one good story from the comics.  They tapped into demon in a bottle and Armor wars which would have been great movies if they would have stuck it out.  Whiplash and Hammer was just not good enough for main heavies.  They should have went full on Armor wars fighting various countries Iron men with stolen tech or copied tech.  Black Fury and Black Widow were ok in the movie but it seemed to be a waste of time for what they did in the movie.  For soundtrack they should have just popped for a new AC/DC song also, nothing rememberable for a score there. 

karas1 5/10/2010 4:34:02 AM

I saw IM2 yesterday and enjoyed it very much.  I thought RDJ was remarkable and really made the film.  He has so much charima and is charming even while being a complete a$$hole.  I don't know that he was born to play this role but he has certainly made it his own.  He makes a better Tony Stark than Sherlock Holmes.  Not that he was bad as Holmes, because he was good.  But the smart a$$ character he portrays so well fits better with Stark than with Holmes.

I didn't find the climax of the film to be anticlimactic at all.  You had dozens of killer robots flying around and lots of action and FX.  What could be bad?  The only thing is, I was thinking the entire time that if that really happened, the fairgrounds would be awash in blood and bodies (and parts thereof) would be scattered everywhere.  But I don't think anybody but the villian ended up with more than cuts and bruises.

BTW, I took my 72 year old mother to the film for Mothers Day.  She enjoyed it very much, even though not being precisely the target demographic.  I paid $8.50 for my ticket and $6.00 for her senior ticket.  The popcorn was too salty.

redhairs99 5/10/2010 5:21:51 AM

Did anyone else notice the bad spray-on orange tan that Justin Hammer was sporting?  Surely that was supposed to be a part of the character...maybe an added touch by Sam Rockwell, but it had me laughing.

KungPow 5/10/2010 5:56:42 AM

Saw it this weekend and I am just glad that I didn't pay attention to certain critics who reviewed this movie and gave it a C .  I thought the movie rocked, there were never any really dull moments.  Sure the action slows down in the middle, but they have to tell the story to give it some depth.  All the actors did a great job with their rolls, they were spot on, with the exception of Mickey Rourke.  He did a good job as well, maybe it was the fact that I felt like I needed to to take a shower each time he was in a scene, his tats and nappy hair didn't give me the impression that he was very hygenic.  Scarlett Johansen is just so easy on the eyes....sorry, I got sidetracked there.  I would give the movie an A-, I don't know what some critics were expecting from this movie?  All the old critics who rated it badly are merely that, old.  They want some sort of experience that brings tears to their dimming vision.  In short the movie rocked, I walked out of the theater planning my next return to see this movie again.

Dodgyb2001 5/10/2010 6:39:59 AM

I think Black widow will be in the Avengers to give it a bigger female dynamic, hence introducing her in this. We'll maybe get Janet Van Dyne in Ant man, but no-one's really mentioned it, so that's far from settled. I'd quite like to see Ms Marvel, since Marvel's made her the banner female character in the current Avengers. 

JackieTreehorn 5/10/2010 7:26:35 AM

I thought Iron Man 2 was highly entertaining and lived up to my expectations.  I was surprised that it didn't make more money though, considering the lack of competition.  My theater was only half full when I saw it on Saturday.  I will be checking it out again today and will be curious to see what kind of repeat business it gets. 

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