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galaga51 4/29/2010 3:40:07 PM

What is with the bashing of movie critics in general?  If movie reviews do not have a purpose, why did you bother with this article?  I'm sure if Rob gave it an A, you'd be exclaiming how excited you are to be there for the midnight screening.

Movie critics just give their opinion, but in a more detailed fashion than Joebob. When you tell your buddy "Oh man, you have GOT to see ____!  The action, the jokes, the cinematography --- it  was awesome!" you have just given your ultra-simplified critique of the film.  Do critics get them all right by your standards?  No, not even the ones with whom you agree the most.  You can try to find one whose tastes match your own or look at the several reviews and draw a conclusion from the average.  Maybe you would, but I'm not going to go see Ironman 2 if it has a RottenTomato Rating of 5% - maybe 10, but not 5. ;-P  And sometimes you only have one review to look at, but if you're familiar with that critic, you can compare their usual opinion against yours. Many before have said that Rob's rating is below theirs by about a letter grade.  So guess what?  Ironman for you is a B .   Now go see it and stop whining.  

AvengerHawkeye2011 4/29/2010 6:14:48 PM

This reviewer/critic is one person with an opinion but for this movie- he obviously is expecting WAAAYYY too much and thus he is let down.

Marvel has a plan- every director,writer,producer have all met and the movies are puzzle pieces to a huge Avengers movie. If you go into it with in mind then you are fine. Its like reading Issue 2 of a 10 part series. In this case it is Issue #2 of Iron Man under the banner of Avenger Initiative. Hulk was part of this banner and if you go revisit the Incredible Hulk you will see it happens after the events of Iron Man 2 which then gives a better understanding to Iron Man 2 and all those easter egg scenes after the credits. I already saw the movie so I am not just blowing smoke. It is a great movie that furthers the Avengers storyline and satisfies the fans. This critic gave it a C ? why ? No real solid reason except for the ever faithful "it doesn't live up to the first one","it doesn't capture the magic of the first one" and so on and so on.

Give it a rest- Im not going to lay spoilers all over the place but each actor did a fantastic job including Scarlett. The movie serves as a great puzzle piece and the scene after the credits exemplifies that. Fav already said he would love to have the Avengers in the 3rd Iron Man movie obviously because thats when he will unveil the Mandarin. As a fan think of the movie as part of a mini series and you will enjoy- and remember- the timeline of events because Im sick of reading reviews where its questioned whether or not Tony Stark will even be in the Avengers because of one scene in Iron Man 2. The timeline is Iron Man,the Fury scene,Iron Man 2,the scene after the credits(you probably know which Avenger that is),Incredible Hulk,Stark talks to Ross about 'the team'. It only leaves you wondering where Captain America and Thor fit in the timeline leading up to the Avengers.

Note to this critic: Not every thing is Empire,Godfather 2,Wrath of Khan blah blah blah- sometimes like the Potter series of movies- they are just a part of a whole.  Everyone go see it for yourself and I can almost guarantee you will disagree with the "C" grade.

bigiff 4/29/2010 6:57:01 PM

I'll see it. Critics hated Star Wars... Um, enough said about it? Nuff Said!

iceknight52 4/29/2010 8:35:49 PM

Good review Rob.

chervil 4/30/2010 8:37:31 PM

I think what is off is the grade itself.

A C is barely passing.
A C is only slightly better.
Both are closer to an F, or failing, than an A, or excellent work.

To me a C says rent, save your theatre-dollars.

Sounds to me like there were enough high-points in the film to warrant at least a solid B.

At least from what I have heard they have kept the spirit and feeling of the original, while still moving the plotline forward.
When you think of all the recent sequels (Transformers 2 anybody?) that were executed poorly, I can't help but feel this will be a good movie.

I will reserve judgement, but I don't see how it can be that close to an F.....

almostunbiased 5/1/2010 6:43:58 AM

C to me means an average movie.  D is just barely passing, not that I grade movies on pass or fail.

momitchell7 5/2/2010 10:14:24 AM

I enjoyed the movie, but  I have to agree with the review.

Be sure to stay till the VERY end of the loooong credits!!!

galaga51 5/2/2010 12:59:24 PM

 So go to the bathroom and then come back to catch the end of the credits?  That's what I've started doing for big budget films that I think might have a tag clip.

rasgonzo 5/2/2010 3:44:35 PM

Wait, was this the review for Iron Man 2... or BioShock 2?  Sounds the same, been there done that, cool but not as cool as before.

SONYMANswallows 5/2/2010 5:50:39 PM

So are we supposed to be surprised when Rockwell becomes CRIMSON DYNAMO?

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