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IRON MAN 2 Preview


By Rob M. Worley     October 15, 2009
Source: Various

Comics2Film: Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. on the set of IRON MAN 2
© Mania

New details revealed in 'Iron Man 2' Preview. Plus: Raimi contemplates 'Spider-Man 5 and 6'. Favreau bows out of directing 'The Avengers'. Ratner says he kep 'X-Men' alive and more! Give some candy to crazy-newspaper face, because he's really your Comics2Film 9.10.15!




Mania Cross-link: The CW rolled out tons o' photos from upcoming 'Smallivlle' episodes. In case you missed them we've got a batch from "Roulette", which introduces the fight-club-hosting villainess from DC Comics, and "Crossfire" which introduces arrow sidekick Speedy and romantic foil Cat Grant.



More Details on THE BRADLEYS

Variety reveals some additional details on 'The Bradleys', the new toon show based on the 'Hate' comics by Peter Bagge.

Bagge is writing the pilot script with Matthew Lawton, best known for producing 'Crank Yankers' and 'Code Monkeys'. Both are executive producers on the show, along with Barry Katz, Brian Volk-Weiss and Michael Pelmont.

"I was obsessed with Peter Bagge's comics when I was a teen," Lawton said. "I ran away to Seattle at the age of 16, and was definitely this grumpy, disaffected punk kid."



G.I.JOE Too Soon?

Paramount is slated to send 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra' home less than three months after its theatrical run, a move that has theater owners ready to go to war. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the home video release is scheduled for November 3, just 88 days after it arrived in cinemas.

Par typically averages over four months between theatrical and home video. The sudden move to under three months has the National Association of Theater Owners worried that Par is looking to speed up the cycle and potentially hurt their profits.





Warner Home Video have announced the specifics for volume 3 of 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' on DVD.

The new release hits the streets next February 2nd for an MSRP of $14.97.

It'll contain the following episodes:

  1. The Journey to the Center of the Bat!
  2. The Eyes of Despero!
  3. Return of the Fearsome Fangs!
  4. Deep Cover for Batman! (Part 1)
  5. Game Over for Owlman! (Part 2)

Those last two episodes in particular make it worth the price of admission. Those find Batman traveling to Earth 2, meeting the evil Crime Syndicate (made up of hero doppelgangers) as well as the heroic "Red Hood" (who is actually an alternate version of The Joker under the mask). A similar storyline is now being mined for the upcoming DVD movie 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths'.

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.




Reviews of the manga-based 'Astro Boy' are trickling in. Summit Entertainment has an embargo on reviews, so Mania won't be able to post ours until the day the film opens. However write ups are trickling in from foreign market screenings and some are being run by by U.S. majors...

VARIETY: "Appropriately for a film about robots, efficiency is the primary virtue of "Astro Boy," a well-oiled CG-animated superhero pic that makes up in competence and vitality what it lacks in originality."

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Bottom Line: Derivative bits aside, the pint-sized Japanese icon takes flight in vibrant CG animation -- no 3D glasses required."

And Rotten Tomatoes has the film pulling 75% postive with 8 reviews counted so far.



Favreau not doing AVENGERS

"I'm not going to be available." 

That's the response Jon Favreau gave to MTV Splash Page in an exclusive interview, when asked about rumors that he was going to direct 'The Avengers'.

Which is not to say that Favs won't be involved. As Marvel's wonder boy he's on board as an executive producer of the film and says he'll have input.

The director also said that fans shouldn't look for Edward Norton to make a cameo in 'Iron Man 2' but there will likely be some Easter eggs.

"We want to reinforce a lot of the stuff we started to tip off," Favreau told MTV News. "'The Avengers' is a much larger concern for Marvel and Kevin Feige, who runs Marvel. They're going to be doing 'Thor' and 'Captain America,' and the way we might start to tease those things in this movie, some of it is stuff that we've discussed [and] some of the stuff you do last-minute as you figure out how that stuff is coming together."

Favreau has more interesting things to say so check out the entire clip...



Ratner Says he Kept X-MEN Alive

It's kind of an oldish interview, but last month the ever-colorful director Brett Ratner addressed fan criticism of his efforts on 'X-Men: The Last Stand'. In speaking with Starpulse, Ratner said that comic fans consider him the Anti-Christ in spite of the fact that he kept the mutant franchise alive. Check it out:

You mentioned "X-Men." Is the comic book fan the hardest demographic to please? If you look at the numbers: Bryan Singer's "X-Men" made $157 Million, "X-Men United" made $214 million and your "X-Men: The Last Stand" made $234 million. Yet that group wasn't particularly happy.

Absolutely. Bryan Singer gave me the best advice when I was doing "X-Men 3," Bryan is a really good friend of mine. Bryan said, "Whatever you do, do not read the Internet." I'm like, "Why?" He's like, "First of all, they hated on me the whole time I was making 'X-Men' and 'X-Men 2.' They said, 'Gambit should have been the star of the movie'" They're such rabidness fans, they're so passionate about their comic book characters that they think that their favorite character should be the star of the movie. Someone might be passionate about Iceman being the star. So, you can't win. Everyone's going to have their own so just stay away from their opinion and do what you feel's best.

I kind of made rules for myself. I said to the writers -- Zak Penn and Simon Kinberg -- I only want to put scenes in this movie that exist from actual comic books. That way I protect myself. Even though I protect myself they're still saying, "Why the f*ck did [he] kill Professor X?" He died in five different comic books! People are crazy. "Brett Ratner killed Professor X! How dare he do that!" He died in five different comic books and came back!

Then people weren't happy with Bryan Singer when he went on to "Superman Returns."

You can't make these people happy. I'm kind of the Anti-Christ to these comic book geeks. Every single person that wrote shit went to see that movie multiple times because a movie doesn't gross $200 something million unless people go to see it more than once. Every single person who said, "I'm never seeing that movie," they were the first ones there.

What is it then? Are you polarizing?

You know what it is. That's their whole life, they have nothing more to do than to worry. What are they concerned about? It's out of the filmmaker's hands. A film is a collaborative effort. How's a person sitting at home going to worry about how a movie is going to turn out to be? I just know one thing: Mine outgrossed the other two by far. Mine was the one that made the most narrative sense. And I'm not knocking Bryan's movie but he just does a certain thing; Bryan uses his brain and I use my eye and my instincts more. It's a whole different approach to making a movie. I'm not saying my movie wasn't smart; I just wasn't intellectualizing it. I was just looking at it as pure entertainment value which is what it was.

When I was a kid and used to watch that cartoon it was just fun. It wasn't a deeper meaning for me when I watched the cartoon as a kid. I didn't read the comic books but it doesn't matter, the cartoon is the same f*cking thing.

The most ridiculous statement I've read is -- and of course I looked at the Internet after the movie came out -- that I buried the franchise. If I buried the franchise how the f*ck did they make a "Wolverine"? I mean, that's ridiculous. And they're making three other f*cking "X-Men" movies. Mine kept the franchise alive!

Discuss in the comment section below...



Raimi on SPIDER-MAN  5 and 6

MTV Splash Page continues to parcel out audio bits from their phone interview with director Sam Raimi. They asked him if he's planning on taking the helm of the already-in-development 'Spider-Man 5' and '6'. Naturally, Raimi is non-committal with work only just beginning on 'Spider-Man 4'.

"Every time I make one of the 'Spider-Man' movies, I have to ask myself, is the character still intriguing to me?" Raimi told MTV News. "Do I love the character? Am I dying to tell the next story of Peter Parker and Spider-Man? And so far the answer has been yes."

So any work on something beyond 4 will depend on Raimi's interest level at that moment. "You have to ask me in two-and-half years," he laughed. If Raimi isn't up for directing future Spideys, he said he'll still look forward to enjoying them as a member of the audience.



Behind the Scenes of IRON MAN 2

French entertainment site Canal+ rolled out a seven-minute, forty second video segment on their visit to the set of 'Iron Man 2'.

The clip mainly features interview footage with director Jon Favreau and leading hero Robert Downey Jr. They talk about how they're taking the armored Avenger to the next level bboth in terms of characterization and special effects. 

The clips real also features some great behind-the-scenes set footage examining Tony Stark's updated basement lab, a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson doing some wire-fu prep (not in costume, sadly) and a mysterious shot of Tony letting ScarJo try on the Iron Man gauntlet. It seems the Black Widow is using her wiles to expose Tony Stark's trade secrets!

Here's the clip!

What do you think, Maniacs? Spot anything cool in the background footage? Post your comments below...


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Wiseguy 10/15/2009 8:50:31 AM

I knew Favreau wouldn't do Avengers after committing to Cowboys and Aliens. Anyway, let's see how Thjor and Cap turn out before deciding on who directs the Avengers

I liked X-3,l I thought it was better than the 1st. Anyway none of the 3 X films were what they could or should have been. For being the world's most popular hero team the b.o. tally wasn't that impressive which to me means that none generated the hype, buzz or word of mouth that should've carried them at least over 300mil

Let's see Spidey4 and give Raimi a chance to redeem himself somewhat before committing to him for  parts 5 & 6

Theater owners have a right to be upset over releasing movies to the home market so quick. What's the sense in paying $10 a head to see a movie if in a matter of 12 weeks you can check it out at home for a fraction of that

Wiseguy 10/15/2009 9:08:39 AM

Where's the 30 Days of Night info, ROB?

I'm not buying any sets of toons or series on dvd unless they contain the entire season. What WB is doing with Brave and the Bold is trying tom squeeze every penny they can from us and then they'll end up releasing the entire season as a set anyway, I'm not having it

Just saw the IM behind the scenes footage, damn, it can't get here fast enough. I'm already curious as to what surprises RDJ is refering to at the end and what cookies Favreau has planted in the film

TKay42one 10/15/2009 9:20:26 AM

Yeah, I thought "X-Men 3" got a really bad rap.  My theory is still that people are just used to hating Brett Ratner and used to liking Bryan Singer...that's why so many people liked the Superman crapfest.  And G.I.Joe was out of the theaters in my town in like 3 weeks...why the hell should theater owners care if it hits DVD?  How much more money do they think they're going to make on it?  I don't even know if I'll see it when it hits DVD...I'd rather live with the fond memories of the cartoons that I KNOW are crappy by today's standards.  Don't wanna see any f*cking excellerator suits.  *groans*

DarthDuck 10/15/2009 9:26:31 AM

Let the countdown begin!  I cannot wait for IM2.  After watching the video(s) I realized just how close we are to finally seeing this movie.  Here's hoping its full of awesome Easter Eggs and references to classic Iron Man and Marvel stories and characters.

We should be getting a trailer soon, right?

DC releasing parts of the season instead of the whole is a trick shared by Marvel.  Spectacular Spider-Man (great show by the way) and Wolverine and the X-Men both get DVD's after a few episodes rather than after a whole season.  Why?

Is the public really demanding G.I.Joe be on DVD so soon?  I completely understand the theaters anger and concern.  You'd think Hasbro would be waiting until the holiday season, pitch it with toys and other money making tie-ins.

DarkXid 10/15/2009 9:28:11 AM

I downloaded a copy of the GI JOE DVD about two weeks ago, w/director commentary....I got what I paid for.  That movie was a hell of a lot better than I thought it was going to be. . .It wasn't GOOD, but it wasn't horrible.  I think theatre owners are mad because they think people who are on the fence about a movie would be willing to wait three months for a DVD release so they just won't bother visiting their local theatre. 

Is Smallville, really still on the air??!

Darkknight2280 10/15/2009 9:29:01 AM

Well that sucks Fav isnt going to direct Avengers, but as long as he has input then im not going to worry much. I trust Marvel, i have enjoyed IRon Man and Hulk since Marvel took them over, Not worried about Thor, Cap or avengers as of right now.

WISEGUY, im with you! I liked X-3 i thought i was good, at least just as good as X-2. Would i have changed anythign about it? Sure tons of stuff but it was what it was and i liked it for that. You cant please all of the people all of the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time. I think that is what he did and he put out the biggest grossing X-Film of the series (not unless u count Wolverine, i think it made more..but i may be mistaken)

Cant wait for Batman: B&B to come back with new episodes!! Love that show! :) On a side notes Star Wars Clone Wars is still AWESOME!!

gauleyboy420 10/15/2009 9:29:17 AM

I agree with Wise and Tkay,

I don't think it was as good as X-1 or X-2 BUT it was a fun read, uh I mean movie, besed on comics...And thats what movies and comics are supposed to


I think Singer revolutionized the comic movie industry, and made it possible for movies like Iron MAn.


AND Ratner was brought in at the eleventh hour and was dealing with two other directors set-ups when he came on to the project. He did a good job, and needs to be cut some slack by the rabid inconsitently nutjob fans out there.

of course, I like jis attitude, he made a commercially successfu flick, and doesn't give  a shit what some loser desk jockey who spends too much on comics (or claims to on websites but in reality hasn't read a comic for years) thinks of his comics.


I saw X-1 and X-2 two to three times each in theaters. And Superman returns twice as well.

These guys are smart and know whats up.

Doesn't G.I. Joe resolute come out today?

moonsunne 10/15/2009 9:32:01 AM

 I was totally geeking out when I saw GI Joe in theaters. I am looking forward to purchasing it so I can watch it  multiple times. They can't make the second one fast enough.

monkeyfoot 10/15/2009 9:35:02 AM

Favereau: Just happy he will be involved in Marvel & Avengers in some position. He seems to have the right touch for the movies.

Ratner: He said alot of things I totally agree with. So many fanboys rip on him because they didn't like the story for X3. It was going to be the same story Singer would have directed, so don't blame him for that. However I do think of Ratner as an average director. I feel no "umph" or "magic" in his style that makes me look forward to his films. I think Singer would have given X3 his own "X-Factor" that I felt in X1 & X2 that would have made it better. If you treat the movie characters as part of atrilogy that had a big story with a beginning, middle and end, killing Cyke(he was a minor character in the trilogy) and Xavier fits. And obviously Xavier will return if need be for sequels. Maybe even Cyclops, too.

And I don't like how fanboys go nuts on the X-movies storyline and basic set-up. It will almost never be the movie you have made in your head for years because you aren't making it. Some producers,directors, and writers worked hard to get to the place to be able to put their vision of the characters on screen. Don't judge the movies by your mental movie, it'll never stand up. The most you can do is say what were the filmmakers trying to do with their vision? It's not what I would have done but did they succeed with their idea?

hanso 10/15/2009 10:18:27 AM

"It was going to be the same story Singer would have directed, so don't blame him for that."

If memory serves me correctly, Singer left without a script in place and by what he mentioned there was no Cure storyline, it was the Phoenix storyline and he would've brought in the White Queen who he wanted Sigourney Weaver to play.

X3 sucked there is no way around that, you kids defending it are the reason Fox keeps raping comic book franchises but hey, you keep paying why should they stop right?  Clear sign X3 sucked can be found in that little Ratner interview.  Let's quote the man shall we: "Bryan uses his brain and I use my eye and my instincts more. It's a whole different approach to making a movie. I'm not saying my movie wasn't smart; I just wasn't intellectualizing it. I was just looking at it as pure entertainment value which is what it was."

And that right there is the difference between Ratner's X-Men to say Favreau's Iron Man or Nolan's Batman.

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