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IRON MAN 2 Ready For Lift-Off


By Rob M. Worley     May 06, 2010
Source: Mania

Comics2Film: IRON MAN 2
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'Iron Man 2' ready for huge opening weekend. Plus: Munroe talks 'Dylan Dog'. Gondry says 'Green Hornet' will break new ground. 'Green Lantern'  set photos arrive online. More! Wishing you were here, it's your Comics2Film 10.5.6!




Gondry Says GREEN HORNET will do Something New with 3D

Director Michel Gondry told that he's got at least one trick up his sleeve that'll make the 3D experience of 'Green Hornet' unique.

"I'm not supposed to talk about that because people have a lot of opinions, but I'm the one who knows what it really means. It's a tool that I'm really excited to embrace and I have tons of ideas," Gondry said. "There's one thing that has never been done and I can't wait to do. That can only be done in 3D. I'm really excited to know that the studio is going for it. It shows, really, that they believe in the film. If they wanted to dump us, they wouldn't have done this."



Kevin Munroe talks DYLAN DOG

Over at the official blog for 'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night', director Kevin Munroe fields questions from the fans. He talked briefly about the trailer (he hopes it debuts in theaters before going online), Comic-Con plans (he doesn't know what the studio has planned but he'll be there) and says that a new website for the film is coming.

He also talked about the film's eclectic cast of ghouls and monsters.

"There are a lot of those movies out there [featuring zombies, werewolves and vampires]. Rarely do we see all of them together, but there has to be something more to it than just that. I really wanted to showcase how one of these creatures could live in our world, undetected and protected," Munroe said. "That’s a pretty unique approach to these creatures that I don’t see a lot in movies these days. Especially with our Zombie characters. But as far as UNIQUE type of characters, we have a couple of them.

"As a tease, both are played by Brian Steele. One is a cautionary tale about what happens when a Zombie who is trying to harmoniously live among humans starts eating human flesh.. it ain’t pretty. Ok, so that’s just a super-Zombie… not that new. BUT, Brian is also playing the Armageddon creature in our movie… the creature that is threatening to come back to life throughout the movie. And no one knows what creature race is trying to bring him back. Ok, so I might have just spoiled it… as if we cast Brian in the role, then we probably have him in the movie. Ergo, the creature comes to life… maybe I should stop now."

Munroe fields many more questions from the fans so click over for the complete interview.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




ComicBookMovie has two photos from the set of 'Green Lantern'.

One displays what looks to be the experimental jet that Hal Jordan flies in the movie. The other is a shot of the Ferris Airfield.

Ferris Aircraft building from GREEN LANTERN

Experimental jet from GREEN LANTERN



C2F Quick Hits

  • Mania's own Rob Vaux interviews Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau about 'Iron Man 2'.
  • Mania Cross-Link: In case you missed it, Chad tells Marvel how to make the perfect 'Avengers' movie in a new "5 Rules" article.
  • Fashionista Tim Gunn is the latest to join the cast of 'The Smurfs'. Variety reports that the 'Project Runway' mentor will play an executive assistant in the movie.
  • Actor Chrisopher Mintz Plasse reacts to yesterday's 'Kick-Ass 2' news via his twitter account. Of the alleged 2011 production start, the Red Mist writes, "Don't believe what you are hearing about Kick-Ass 2 guys. It is not confirmed, but I will love to do it when the time is right!"
  • Steven Yeun is the latest new cast member for 'The Walking Dead' according to The Hollywood Reporter. He's playing Glenn in the movie. 
  • Josh Brolin as JONAH HEX

  • Warner Bros. have released their Summer Preview 2010 press kits. It's loaded up with photos from their summer slate -- except where 'Jonah Hex' is concerned. For that movie they released one new photo.



IRON MAN 2 Set For Huge Weekend

After almost a year of hype and anticipation, 'Iron Man 2' is on the launchpad and ready to lift off to what looks to be a huge opening weekend. reports that the film will break one box office record right out of the gates: the widest domestic release in movie history. Paramount has shipped reels to some 4,380 locations, topping the previous record held by 'The Dark Knight' (which opened on a measly 4,366 screens).

The Hollywood Reporter says that current tracking data suggests that Shell-Head can bust the bat-movie's opening tally of $158.4 million as well. Paramount is downplaying the number, saying they expect it to top the $98.6 million collected by the original 'Iron Man' but aren't guessing beyond that point.

The question remains: after the big opening how strong will Iron Man 2's legs be? Most probably the movie will exceed the $318 miilion of the original, but will it approach Dark Knight's status?

The outlook is cloudy. Nolan's movie enjoyed massive critical acclaim, whereas the word-of-mouth on Iron Man 2 isn't quite as strong as Marvel is hoping. The lobby chatter after the screening Tuesday night, in the comic shop Wednesday and even between Mania's two bald Robs tells us that reactions to the movie are going to be mixed.

Indeed, the film's Rotten Tomatoes score dropped overnight to 69% with 85 reviews counted.

C2F predicts that this all adds up to a significant fall-off in the second week.

Regardless, Marvel's success as a free-standing film studio (albeit now as a subsidiary of Disney) will continue and profits Iron Man 2 will continue to demonstrate the earning power of the super-hero library. And that's not as much about movie box office as it is about Whiplash Whoppers, Shell-Head Slurpees, Audi R8 Stark Syder and Dr. Pepper Potts (sorry).

What do you think, Maniacs? Think you might go see some IRON MAN 2 this weekend? Maybe? Perhaps? Ya think?


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wessmith1966 5/6/2010 7:14:03 AM

I'll be at the theater tonight at midnight to catch IM2. I do think it'll top DK's opening weekend and will have strong legs in the weeks to come. I think it will top $400 million, regardless of Rotten Tomatoes (never been to that site). It doesn't surprise me that reactions are mixed for the film. IM kind of took everyone by surprise and it set the bar so high for the sequel that there's almost no way to clear that bar. DK was the exception not the rule fueled by Leder's performance and death. IM2's going use the phrase hanso's made so popular here...own son! ha ha!

Someone needs to teach Gondry a little Shakespeare...methinks thou dost protest too much. In otherwords, I don't believe a word coming out of his mouth, because after all the negative press, he's just trying to do damage control. And he's doing a lot of it. If any movie needs a balls out trailer it's Green Hornet. This movie lost me when they put Rogen in the lead and it's gone down hill from there.

Wiseguy 5/6/2010 7:18:57 AM

Got tickets for the midnight I-Max show and may do a double dip and catch the 3a.m. show as well. all in glorious I-Max. So what if the tix are 19.50. So you guys may not hear from me til I get some sleep tomorrow morning

Darkknight2280 5/6/2010 7:24:54 AM

Im sooo sick of this rotten tomatoes bullcrap! Who gives a rats A$$ about what reviewers think. Thats like getting 1000 people in a room, a million dollars then you ask the opinion of 10 who should and shouldnt get the money. NEVER rely on the opinion of the few people!.

Iron Man 2 will break TDK's opening weekend money but will come no where close to its domestic box office take. Will be VERY surprised if it does. But ti will deffinatley out perform the 1st iron man movie.

ElBaz13 5/6/2010 7:58:26 AM

Had a cast member of Iron Man 2 had passed away shortly after production ended, then it would definitely challenge TDK. 

I do agree it will surpass the first Iron Man. And screw Rotten Tomatoes.  

violator14 5/6/2010 8:10:10 AM

Mixed reviews?? 69% on rotten tomatoes?? Eh... i guess ill catch Iron Man2 on Netflix then...

Hobbs 5/6/2010 8:35:58 AM

Have fun Wise, I envy you.  I have to work tomorrow so I won't be catching it until the evening showing.  I think rotten toms will be more intresting after I see the movie as I've been ignoring all things IM over the last week. 

I do not think its going to top TDK opening weekend though Imax might help it.  50/50 odds right now but I'm saying not.

krathwardroid 5/6/2010 8:58:16 AM

Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man...

I'm sure this will rock. 'Nuff said.

DarthDuck 5/6/2010 9:15:05 AM

Yeah, I envy Wiseguy as well.  But my first week at a new job a midnight showing is probably not the smartest idea.  But I already have my IMAX ticket for Friday night.  Simply cannot wait!

The only thing new Green Hornet will do with 3D is add a new dimension of how bad a movie can suck a$$.

Set photos are nice but give me characters and actors!!

GSSCHAN2000 5/6/2010 9:50:54 AM

GREEN HORNET in 3D!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT! who cares about the plot,acting,etc. ITS 3D!!!

other movies i think should be redone into 3D...

will smith's W.W. WEST.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS...imagine ducking when moses swings his stick.

will ferrel's LAND OF THE 3D it would of lasted another day at the theaters for a total of 2 days instead of 1.


spiderhero 5/6/2010 9:55:35 AM

I've heard a rumor that the local theater, a Carmike, is going to charge a premium for Iron Man 2. An additional $3.50, just like a 3D movie. I'm thinking about driving an hour & 1/2 to Philly to catch it on IMAX. that won't be until next week though so I'll be doing my part, whether i want to or not, to bost profits in week 2.

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