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Wiseguy 4/24/2010 1:07:48 PM

Did anyone mention how extremely hot Scarlett Johanson looks. Man, she is mouth watering

Who cares about Wanted 2 anyway. The first sucked and this one will too

Green Hornet? Can't wait to see the punchline to this joke

Wether Cameron does Battle Angel or Avatar2  next it don't matter, the entire world will be there to see it. I'd love to see Battle Angel but the guy just takes so long to create his masterpieces that I think it would mean about 6-7 years before he got around to Avatar 2




dragon261 4/24/2010 7:10:39 PM

Green Hornet will go from the theater to the DVD bargan bin at Walmart in three months. 

ecrobinson 4/25/2010 12:01:39 PM

Scar Jo Lame, Two words milla jovovich

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