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IRON MAN 2 Takes Down HOOD

Iron Man earns another $53 million in second frame.

By Jarrod Sarafin     May 16, 2010

Box Office Battle: Russell Crowe's Robin Hood vs. Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man 2(2010).
© Bob Trate


This weekend’s box office race consisted of very different choices for audiences looking to spend their hard-earned cash. It was a battle between new age technology versus bow & arrow-focused mayhem. High flying explosions versus political intrigue. A comic superhero versus one legendary icon. In short, who would win? Marvel Studios’ sequel Iron Man 2 or Universal Pictures’ remake of Robin Hood.  
Going by both the domestic and international box office races, it was a case of splitting the winnings amongst the both of them, with Jon Favreau’s comic sequel winning the domestic race for its second weekend in a row while Ridley Scott’s remake of “Hood” took down the victory at the foreign markets.
Iron Man 2 dropped 59% but still maintained the 1st place spot by grabbing another $53.0 million over its second frame, increasing its domestic cume to $212.1 million after 10 days of release. This has the sequel’s numbers up in as many weeks as the first film’s release, which had $177.8 million after two weekends back in 2008.
Overseas, it grabbed another $31 million in its third foreign weekend, raising its offshore gross total to date to $245 million. Produced on a budget of $200 million, the Robert Downey Jr. release has earned $457.1 million worldwide.

Universal’s Robin Hood opened domestically into 2nd place with the film taking in $37.1 million over its first three days of release. This has the film hitting the lower end of pre-release projections but as said above, it did win the foreign race this weekend by pulling in $74 million from 6,944 screens in 56 markets. This is the second biggest international opener for Universal, behind the $84.3 million debut gross compiled by their 2005 King Kong remake.
Combined together, “Hood” earned $111.1 million over its first three days. The studio has set the budget at $200 million so it still needs a few decent domestic showings before it can overcome its average debut performance.
In a sign of catering to the alternative demographics, Summit Entertainment and Fox Searchlight opened two romance-driven vehicles which took down the 3rd and 4th places, respectively. Summit’s Letters to Juliet earned $13.7 million in its opening frame while Fox’s Just Wright grabbed an estimated $8.5 million in coin.
Still showing signs of life is DreamWorks’ very successful spring release of How to Train Your Dragon. Their film has controlled the 3D market since opening up eight weeks ago, with the film taking down another $5.1 million for the 5th place spot. Produced on $165 million, it has taken in $415.5 million worldwide.

This weekend’s Top 10 earned $132 million, a 2% increase over the top performers in the comparable frame last year.

Iron Man 2
$53.0 mil
$212.1 mil
Robin Hood
$37.1 mil
$37.1 mil
Letters to Juliet
$13.7 mil
$13.7 mil
Just Wright
$8.5 mil
$8.5 mil
How to Train Your Dragon
$5.1 mil
$207.7 mil
A Nightmare on Elm Street
$4.7 mil
$56.1 mil
Date Night
$4.0 mil
$86.6 mil
The Back-Up Plan
$2.4 mil
$34.2 mil
Furry Vengeance
$2.3 mil
$15.1 mil
Clash of the Titans
$1.2 mil
$160.1 mil

As we’ve done the past few summers, we’ll begin gathering the numbers and ranking them as they’re released down below. The list will continue to grow and be ranked from highest worldwide (top) to lowest (bottom).
Iron Man 2 Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $128.1 mil

Domestic: $212.1 mil
Foreign: $245.0 mil
Worldwide: $457.1 mil
Robin Hood Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $37.1 mil

Domestic: $37.1 mil
Foreign: $74.0 mil
Worldwide: $111.1 mil 
We’re still way too early into the summer box office season but as with any early May release, Iron Man 2 is looking to be the one to beat from a numbers game. Insiders believe The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has a shot but this will be the franchise’s first summer release so we’ll see how it does in its opening bow through the July 4th festivities.
Friday, May 21, 2010 Releases:
Shrek Forever After (3,800)
MacGruber (2,400)
Racing Dreams
Solitary Man
Perrier’s Bounty
Holy Rollers
180 South
Father of My Children


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Flint521466 5/16/2010 5:18:35 PM

Finally caught IM2 on Friday.  Really liked it.  My only gripe is there wasn't enough of IM in action.  And like some other posters mentioned(Wiseguy maybe?) the final fight between the two heavies was too short.  Other than that it was titties!  Liked all the Avenger tie ins.

Wiseguy 5/16/2010 5:30:09 PM

Hip hip hooray for the Golden Avenger. I got a third viewing this weekend. Is funny how when you put expectations out the window you can enjoy a film so much more. I loved it the first two times but a week later it seemed  so much better with all the hype gone.

Yeah Flint, that was one my peeves, way too short a fight

RobinHood may have to wait for a dvd release. Going by friends' reactions I think I may skip it altogether. Robin or Russel is way too old to be him and the revisionist stuff with Marion just turns me off.

I rarely see comedies at the theater, Tropic Thunder I think was my last one, but I may ditch out a couple of bucks and check out MacGruber. Something about it just tickles me. Shrek I'll catch after it dies down a bit cause I hate sitting in the theater with a bunch of brats


jppintar326 5/16/2010 5:31:14 PM

Iron Man 2 is not as good as the first one.  Why was Mickey Rourke stuck in a labortory most of the movie?  I agree there should have been more action and less of the "Iron Man is a lost soul" plotting in the middle.  I may check out Robin Hood if I have time.  Jury Duty this week.

I have no interest in seeing Shrek Forever After in the theater.  I have seen the previous three in the theaters but I feel no sense of excitement here.  The first one was an instant classic, the second dull as doornails, the third was okay but I haven't seen it since it opened.  

MacGrubber is an unfunny SNL sketch.  The previews aren't funny.  What are the odds the movie itself won't be funny?  No interest whatsoever. 

evilbeagle 5/16/2010 5:46:46 PM

Saw IM2 this weekend, and I enjoyed it.  It was a fun movie, but there was so much wasted talent.  They did virtually nothing with Rourke's character, and he was pretty cool.  I know I sound critical, but I did enjoy the movie.  I just thought most of the characters were two dimensional when they didn't need to be.  They need to stay away from developing Shumaker Sydrom (the placement of too many villans in one movie).  One bad guy is all a film needs.

hanso 5/16/2010 5:56:32 PM

You are not being too critical, they completely wasted Mickey Rourke by having him hiding away for half the movie and instead giving time to faceless robots, Jon Favreau and characters that were only there to to pimp The Avengers.  I hope WB doesn't do the same for their movies. 

ponyboy76 5/16/2010 6:09:56 PM

Saw Iron Man 2 again and then Robin Hood. I thought Ridley, interpretaion of the story was really good.. Crowe and Cate Blanchett had good chemistry. The Merry men were cool. My only beef with the movie were that the battle scenes were somewhat lacking. Not so much in the acting department but the actual angles it was shot in.

For some reason the guy who played Prince John reminded me a lot of the Prince John in the Disney Robin Hood

Cheesey1 5/16/2010 6:55:31 PM

I agree with WiseGuy re. leaving the expectations baggage at the door.   I watched Iron Man again this weekend and enjoyed it as much as last week, but this time the level of enjoyment was much more consistent.  The action was pretty sweet and I liked everybody's performance ("I want my burd,") but I agree that the final fight scene with Whiplash could've been a bit longer.  Overall, definitely dug IM2.  Nice one Marvel.

karas1 5/16/2010 7:15:26 PM

I saw Robin Hood this afternoon and I liked it better than Iron Man 2.  Not that I didn't like Iron Man, I liked it very much.  But I found myself much more interested in Robin Hood.  Maybe I was just in a historical mood.

As far as Iron man went, I thought they spent too much time with the action.  CGI guys in suits fighting CGI robots really isn't all that interesting to me.

Beankyu 5/16/2010 7:32:09 PM

Well, I don't think that Robin Hood is better then Iron Man 2.

Iron Man comes back impressively and I love it so much.

Wiseguy 5/16/2010 7:54:12 PM

Gotta disagree with hanso about Marvel pimping the Avengers. The movie stands on it owns and it's a self-contained story. Black Widow and Fury have their place in the story and BW in specific is along the lines of the comics. So I don't see where they went out of their way to pimp something or add unnecessary elements except with the extra scene at the end cause unlike the first movie's it had nothing to do with IronMan himself

hanso, I read during the week that the producers of Hurt Locker were chasing down all the bit-torrent users that downloaded their movie to sue them. And that most if not all providers were sharing their records so they can track down their IP addresses. Just a heads up homie, you may have to pay that 20 bucks

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