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IRON MAN 2 to Have Guest Hero?

Plus: G.I. JOE, KICK-ASS, PRIEST and more!

By Rob M. Worley     August 04, 2009

Comics2Film: HULK vs IRON MAN
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Will 'Iron Man 2' feature a crossover cameo from a certain superhero star? Plus: Here's 'G.I.Joe''s Destro. Another 'Kick-Ass' clip. Your first look at Paul Bettany in 'Priest' and more! Insisting that health care reform is not the first step towards Soylent Green, it's your Comics2Film 9.8.4!



Neal Adams gets into Comics-to-film Game

According to the Hollywood Reporter, comics illustration legend Neal Adams has signed with the ICM agency with a goal towards converting his comics into film franchises that he would write and/or direct himself.

Although he's best known for drawing 'X-Men', 'Batman' and the ground-breaking 'Green Lantern/Green Arrow back in the day, Adams later made a stab at independent comics publishing under his Continuity Comics imprint. Titles under that line included 'Knighthawk', 'Ditz the Scatterbrain', 'Crazyman', 'Ms. Mystic', 'Toyboy' and 'Bucky O'Hare'.

O'Hare was previously turned into a short-lived animated series.



CONAN Director Speaks

Director Marcus Nispel, currently developing the new 'Conan The Barbarian' movie, chatted with fans on the Conan Movie Blog about his plans for the Robert E. Howard update.

Nispel said to expect an adult take on the character and that he would make the film X-rated if he could. He also denounced rumors that actor and Schwarzenegger clone Roland Kicklinger had been cast in the lead. Finally, he told fans that he aims to do right by the character.

The original 'Conan' movie was written by two master storytellers, Oliver Stone and John Milius, giving us a tough act to follow! Their movie also features the best beheading ever in a major motion picture. Besides, perhaps “Let the Right One In”, which is another perfect example of creativity over special effects.

Like all movies they have to be understood in the context of the time they were produced. Our collective consciousness changes every generation, though and we can’t step into the same river twice. “Conan the Barbarian” was initially released in the disco era, on the heels of “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back”. The original film must have hit people like a freight train upon its release. Today is a different time entirely. As a society, we are more cynical in times of depression. We have been overfed with high gloss and contrived CG imagery and seek something we can grasp. As our consciousness has shifted, so will the image of Conan.

Nispel has a lot more to say so click throuh to Conan Movie Blog for the complete Q & A.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



FEAR AGENT Film To Be a Big-Budget Blockbuster?

Rick Remender told MTV Splash Page that Universal's planned adaptation of his awesome pulp science fiction comic 'Fear Agent' will likely require a massive budget.

"I met with a couple of the guys involved in San Diego this past weekend and had a really good chat about it," he expalined. "It looks like the home is going to be Universal. I don't want to say anything definitive about any of the details yet, but it sounded like 'Fear Agent' might be a giant, $100 million movie."

Remender says he favors Jon Hamm or Aaron Eckhart for the starring role as Earth's two-fisted, burned-out savior Heath Huston.

"Put either of those guys in [the film] and give them a flask of whiskey and put some Hank Williams on and I think you've got a pretty cool [movie] that would film well, potentially creating a franchise with some blockbuster potential," he said.



Here's Destro...

Destro model from G.I.JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA

Yesterday the Stephen Sommers blog site unveiled a clear image of the Destro mask created for actor James McCullen in 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra'. It's a bit less shiny than the original but still looks pretty true.

Here are the comments that were posted with the image:

James McCullen has been called many things – arms dealer, heartless mercenary, war profiteer – yet none of those chilling titles sums him up as simply or as brutally as the name by which he’s referred to only in whispers: Destro.  Here, exclusive to the site, is a first look at the concept art for Destro’s appearance in G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra.  Illustrator Matt Codd was provided with references from G.I. Joe comics, action figures and episodes of the animated series in order to ensure that careful attention was paid to maintaining the character’s unique and iconic look – all while making him appear as realistic as possible.  Click on the image below to see a larger version, then let us know what you think of the design.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Paul Bettany in PRIEST

Sony Opens PRIEST Website

Sony Pictures Entertainment have opened up the new website supporting the feature film version of the TOKYOPOP Manga 'Priest'. There's not much there except for the chance to submit your email for updates, as well as the first image of actor Paul Bettany in makeup for the title role.



That fourth KICK-ASS Clip

We knew there was a fourth 'Kick-Ass' clip from Comic-Con circulating, but we couldn't find it in time for yesterdays' C2F.

Well, here it is, a poignant father/daughter moment from the film as Big Daddy teaches Hit-Girl in a very important crime-fighting lesson...



Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants to Play WONDER WOMAN

Before we get too riled up I think we can safely file this one under "It's never gonna happen". Still, with some prodding by MTV Splash Page 'Ghost Whisperer' Jennifer Love Hewitt admits she'd love to play 'Wonder Woman' on the big screen, and then proceeds to demonstrate why she'd be a terrible choice for the role.

Roll clip!



IRON MAN 2 Set Photos has rolled out a trio of images from the set of 'Iron Man 2'. Nothing too exciting, no costumes or action, but here they are for your clicking enjoyment...

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confers with Robert Downey Jr. on the set of IRON MAN 2

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2

Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2



No Work for Robbo at Stark Industries

Fans at Comic-Con were handed business cards for Stark Industries that lead to the first A.R.E. site for 'Iron Man 2': At the Stark Industries website they were asked to fill out a job application, which your's truly did.

Well, we got our response via email yesterday and, quite frankly, we don't feel too encouraged about our prospects at Stark Industries. Here's the response:

Subject: Stark Industries Job App
From: Kay Baker <>

Hey there!

Thank you so much for being one of the first people to apply for a job at Stark Industries. So far, the response has been incredible. You are among the best and brightest and your interest in joining our ranks is truly appreciated.

Already we have an overwhelming number of applicants and we plan to take our time thoroughly investigating each one. It may be a long process, but it is the only way to ensure that we find the absolute best candidates to work at Stark Industries.

We will contact you soon as we narrow down our selection.

All the best,
Kay Baker

Did anybody else submit an app and receive a different response? If so, clue us in below...


Will IRON MAN 2 Face Something Incredible?

Gossip site Nuke The Fridge claims to have an insider scoop on a Marvel crossover cameo that could appear in 'Iron Man 2'. Their sources tell them that Edward Norton has "a possible cameo" as Bruce Banner and the CGI Incredible Hulk in the Marvel sequel.

On the one hand, it seems a bit unlikely as Marvel has downplayed Hulk's involvement in their film plans so much in recent months. It seems more likely they would do a more forward-looking link to 'Thor' or 'Captain America'.

On the other hand, Nuke says their source is the same one that first clued fans in to the nature of Stan Lee's cameo in 'IM2', so this source may have some credibility.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you ready for your first Marvel crossover action scene?

Thanks to WISEGUY562 for the submission.


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avidfan 8/4/2009 7:06:11 AM

I hope it is Hulk/Banner.  The Incredible Hulk was not a bad film.  It was actually good, but just not great like Iron Man, Spidermad 1 and 2, or the new Batmans (or the first with Keaton even).  This could be good for the character.  Remember: Hannibal Lector is only in Silence of the Lambs a total of 20 mins or something like that and he won the Oscar for Best Lead Actor.  It could be something to savor and not something formulaic <sp?>.  Go GREEN!

tombaker 8/4/2009 7:22:39 AM

I think having a banner/hulk cameo would be cool... kind of like stark is flying off to "deal" with him at the end of the movie for the requisite "make me sit my fat hairy ass in the cinema another 20 minutes while I see who was the "3rd assistant coffee go getter butt kisser who actually just waits tables at starbucks guy" thing... so that could work... But the list of possible cameos props are endless i mean flash thompson was at harry's funeral in spiderman 3 so there can always be the pym backup scientist role (propped by a fellow maniac a couple days ago), the "vision" program where he may be trying to get an A.I. suit into it like the simple file in X2 that had gambits name... so many possiblities.... anyway i hope they have a lot of little cameos and such. would be cool... osborn industries here, hawkeye bow and arrow sets for children... you get the idea

todd890 8/4/2009 7:35:04 AM

I bet we'll only see one or two frames of the Hulk if it does happen. It would proberly be from Iron mans perspective, it would be cool if the other separate Avengers came from their perspective as well once they deal with their own little adventures.

Then joining together to deal with the Hulk.

sinister666 8/4/2009 7:43:25 AM

16 minutes avidfan.  he was in it for 16 minutes.  and yes  it was.... to die for.  ALL HAIL HANSO!...SON!

silversurfer 8/4/2009 7:45:17 AM

I think it would make sense to have Banner/Hulk in the film, thus adding to the eventual problem of what to about the thing that got away....The Incredible Hulk wasn't a bad film...I think that it was done about as good as you could ask for.....

JLH as Wonder Woman....Laughable at best.

Paul Bettany looked pretty cool as Priest...hoping that turns out to be pretty good....

I was reading on Yahoo about the fact that no one has seen GI Joe yet....that's because this movie is going to suck badly, and they know it. Once word of mouth gets out about's going to go down faster than Dragonball Z did earlier this year...what? You didn't know it was out? Exactly.

Wiseguy 8/4/2009 8:11:21 AM

The guys reporting the Hulk/Banner rumor have some cred because of their past reports and that's the only thing that gives me some hope that it's true. The cameo could be as simple as news report Stark sees on tv. But isn't this similar to the Fury rumor a couple years back. It wasn't til almost the last minute before we knew for sure. And I'm with you guys as far as The Inc. Hulk being a damn good flick

silversurfer, agree 100% on JLH playing WW. Not even for a tv series

I'm officially worried about Conan. Nispel's answered his first question about Conan with "He is the last of the reality-based superheroes", what the fuck is he talking about? He isn't a superhero and what fucking reality is he refering to? I liked his TCM, Friday the 13th was ok and I thought Pathfinder was pretty bad though some aspects were ok. But I'm starting to think he doesn't even know who the hell Conan really is and the shit he faces off against.

Cheesey1 8/4/2009 8:20:30 AM

Definitely hope that the Hulk shows up in Iron Man.  I'd be fine with Banner as opposed to the Hulk showing up.  Some sort of egg-head research collaboration thing would be nice. 

OmegaDean 8/4/2009 8:55:14 AM

As long as Marvel is in control, I don't think we'll be disappointed.  They should let all their properties revert back to them and do them right.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/4/2009 9:10:06 AM

What I think he meant by reality based super-hero is that Conan didn't have any superpowers and that he was in a comic book.  Not necessarily a "super-hero" per se.  But we'll see what happens to him.  After seeing the Soloman Kane trailer, though, I think that guy should make Conan.

SgtTechCom 8/4/2009 9:11:59 AM

See there's the dam destro mask lol People kept bitching about him not having the mask.  Very much like the original and yes less shiney but thats fine.

Jennifer love Hewitt is a hack, and she better not go anywhere near WW.

Iron Man 2 is gonna pull out all the stops. Im sure there will be lots of surprises, enough with the rumors who cares really just wait till the movie is out and be amazed !


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