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dragon261 3/8/2010 6:42:27 AM

Iron Man 2 looking fantastic I dug the portable "i-pod" suit near the end of the trailer.

littlemikey979 3/8/2010 6:55:34 AM

hell yeah, IM2 is looking better and better, can't wait to see it!!! i love the i-suit.

DarthDuck 3/8/2010 6:57:47 AM

I had a massive nerd-gasm as the suitcase not only showed up but became my favortie of all the armors.  It's hard to type without breaking the keyboard when I'm this excited!

fft5305 3/8/2010 7:01:59 AM

Oh. Damn. That trailer was hot. I like how they address the "suitcase" armor. I wondered about that. It seemed a bit unweildy to be dependent on the whole armoring mechanism that he had in the first movie. But given how the suit worked in the world of the movie, the soft mesh metal fabric that is used in the comics didn't fit. This segmented, self-deploying armor looked bad-ass and fit with the world that was previously established.  I wonder if it is a less powerful armor, designed just for emergencies. In any case, the trailer was frickin' awesome!!

Wiseguy 3/8/2010 7:04:52 AM

Jestlyr25, No one likes a bragger or name dropper :) share or shut up

ASs time goes by I'm feeling more confident about Conan. I dig Momoa as the Cimmerian and the recently cast Nichols.

Webb was destined to direct Spidey, come on, with that name. And you know picking Cameron's brain can only be a good thing. Looking forward, really looking forward to Spidey's reboot

I'd give Stan The Man Lee any and all awards he desires. He's responsible or partly responsible of so much of what I adore about Marvel and that's saying a lot

noahbody 3/8/2010 7:19:25 AM

F_N_A Iron Man looks bad @$$!

Calibur454 3/8/2010 7:37:21 AM

IM2!!!!!!! Freaking SWEEEEEEEEET- cant wait for this one-

Rheul_home 3/8/2010 7:50:32 AM

Im really looking forward to the new Conan film. I really hope its treated with the respect it deserves. Iron Man is going to be great. The trailer looks fantastic. The briefcase and silver armor are nice touches. Cant wait till this comes out.

dragon261 3/8/2010 7:55:23 AM

The I-Armor would have to have some trade-offs sacrefacing firepower and durabilty for portablity.

SuperFan 3/8/2010 8:21:50 AM

 IM2 looks really good but doesnt look as good as the first one, and after that pitch Stan deserves an oscar. 

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