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Iron Man 3 Production Details

Iron Man 3 heading to Screen Gems studio in North Carolina.

By Jarrod Sarafin     September 23, 2011
Source: Latino Review

© Marvel Entertainment

It seems that Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures wants a change of scenery for Shane Black's production of Iron Man 3, the third solo adventure of the character which is planned to help kick off the 2013 summer season. While the first two films led by previous director Jon Favreau were shot primarily in the filming hotbed of Los Angeles, Latino Review reports the third tale is being moved to the Screen Gems studio lot in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Over 10 sound stages will be utilized by incoming director Black, who's also teaming up to help script out the story alongside fellow writer Drew Pearce. At the moment, Robert Downey Jr---the star who returns as the iron-clad hero in next summer's The Avengers---is the only confirmed returning star for the third installment but we can expect Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle to reprise their roles as well as we near the production launch next June.

Iron Man 3 flies into theaters May 3, 2013.


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Dazzler 9/23/2011 5:07:59 AM

They better do a better story this time.  They should have done Armor wars for 2nd one.  They could do it for the third.  The A.I. storyline was good in the comics also. 

axia777 9/23/2011 5:10:11 AM

The Mandarin please. Fing Fang Foom would not hurt either. And by The Mandarin I mean the CHINESE ONE. You know, FROM THE COMICS. The Mandarin is more than a match for Iron Man. I vote for Jet Li! But that is just my 2 cents.


Wiseguy 9/23/2011 6:57:16 AM

I've read rumors that the villain may be Ghost. I for one would be okay with that although I prefer they go with Mandarin since the first film already hinted heavily at him.

Anyway either of these 2 would be fine and I'd say skip any armored villain unless he's just a heavy for the main villain. We've already seen enough armor battles in the first two, we need variation.

Lastly, I wonder what's the deal with RDJ's contract. As far as I know he wasn't one of those that was asked to sign a 6 or 9 movie deal. And if that's the case I wonder what the future holds for the character on film.

monkeyfoot 9/23/2011 7:39:21 AM

I'm hoping for the Mandarin, too, but I know in a previous interview he wants something more with corporate intrigue similar to the first film.

As for RDJ's contract. Whenever it runs out I think Marvel/Disney should fork over whatever is necessary to keep him happy. His movies and performance are what help put Marvel films on the map.

axia777 9/23/2011 7:39:49 AM

 Ghost would be cool I guess. The Mandarin would be cooler, but they could do the plot from the comics where Justin Hammer hires Ghost to mess Stark Industries up. I could see that as being a good movie if done right. Very action spy thriller, sort of James Bond 007 style but with Iron Man instead.

The Mandarin would be WAY more epic though. Come on, a Chinese martial arts master with tech skills to match Tony Stark AND Makluan Alien Technology to boot? How would that not be freaking awesome? We all know that would be bad ass. The combat scenes of Iron Man and Mandarin going at it would be pure awesomeness.


They could even make it so Chinese people are not offended by doing a real Chinese actor and showing how much of a match The Mandarin really is for Iron Man. He kicks Tony's butt more than once. His Five Power Rings are super cool. They could even make it so he did not die at the end. The Mandarin could survive, which would break the trend of having the villian die at the end of the movie. I love how they did that with the Joker at the end of TDK.

flinshadytoo 9/23/2011 8:38:07 AM

 Yeah great axia777, we all loved it then the silly bugger Heath goes and tops himself & 'out of respect' no one can replace him so we got no joker, and instead, a mexican wrestler on roids as a bad guy, I shiver with thoughts of the last time they used Bane in a Batman movie. 

I'd like them to do extremis or five nightmares, it's more sci-fi tech based, but that's just me. But it's probably safer than the Mandarin which if handled bad could kill the movie. I suppose the mystical stuff worked it Thor, I'll watch it anyway so I suppose it doesn't matter

aegrant 9/23/2011 8:48:23 AM

Don't know if we need another Iron Man. What I want is another (actually 2) Hulk movie(s), in the form of Planet Hulk and/or World War Hulk. The caveat is that Marvel would need the rights back to their other franchises (FF and X-Men) to do either of those movies and Sony or Fox would want a ton of cash from Marvel to get them back.

flinshadytoo 9/23/2011 8:53:06 AM

 There is no way Fox are going to give up x-men after first class, I guess they have rights to all the mutant characters as well, so thats an almost endless amount potential movies.

momitchell7 9/23/2011 11:16:25 AM

Wise, unlike Chris America, I think RDJ is just having a good time with this and couldn't really care how much the studios are paying him, although I'm sure that they're taking good care of him.

Higgy 9/23/2011 11:18:26 AM

MANDARIN!!!!!  That is all.

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