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Iron Man Screenwriters Preview the Next Big Marvel Franchise

    February 02, 2008
Source: sat down with 'Iron Man' screen writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby about the process of turning Marvel's B list superhero into one of the most buzz-worthy movies of the year.

"[Director John Favreau] wanted it to be more fun,” Fergus says. “He didn’t want it to be Batman, where he’s skulking around, or Jason Bourne and all these angst-ridden heroes. So’s [Tony Stark], but he’s also a party animal, he’s fun, and he deals with his issues by being extroverted, not staying at home, skulking in the mirror.”

The pair had no difficulty plumbing the themes of Stan Lee's character for the big screen.

“It’s the same as 'Children of Men', and most stuff we work on,” Fergus explains. “[Tony Stark’s] a real man, trying to recreate himself not physically, but psychologically. [These characters] are really living shallow, horrible lives, and then they have a huge reckoning and have to tear it all down.” For example, when you discover that the weapons research company that made your father rich and provides for your excessive lifestyle is actually the source of terrible global evil. “What happens when you think you’re one of the good guys and wake up to find out you’re one of the bad guys? Who are the bad guys? They’re your customers. You helped created them."

'Iron Man' opens this summer.


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