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IRON MAN toon's awesome badguys


By Rob M. Worley     May 04, 2009
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Comics2Film: IRON MAN toon's awesome badguys
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'Iron Man: Armored Adventures'' Cort Lane talks about animated villains. Plus: Favreau talks 'Iron Man 2'. Game developer talks 'Deadpool'. The creatures of 'Dead of Night'. Packing up its game and heading out west, it's your Comics2Film 9.5.4!



WOLVERINE Game Developer eyes DEADPOOL

According to (Dan Vondrak, the project lead on the 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' video game) would love to get his hands on 'Deadpool' for his next project.

"We're huge fans of Deadpool. When we made X-Men 2, we made sure to put Deadpool in there and give him plenty of little Easter eggs and conversations. We love the character. His smartass attitude. So that'd be the guy we'd probably go after," Vondrak said.

Click through for the complete interview.

Thanks to MutantNinjaLoungeSinger for the submission.



IRON MAN Toon's Awesome Bad Guys

If you haven't been watching it, the 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures' toon has been airing Friday nights at 7pm on NickToons for the past two weeks. Here's a preview of his Friday's episode, featuring Blizzard.

SCI FI Wire has a Q & A with Cort Lane who talks about the way shell-head's villains have been upgraded for TV.

"One of the coolest elements of the series is how some of Tony's less-than-cool comic villains (like Unicorn and Killer Shrike) have been transformed into really awesome bad guys," Lane said.

"Living Laser is another great example—and he gets a really complex and tragic arc. The Mandarin is naturally the Big Bad, and the quest for the Makluan rings is a central plot point. But Christopher Yost [the series' story editor] has brilliantly interwoven the various characters and plot lines."

Click through for more of Lane's comments. Here's a few of the villain designs we've shown in the past...

Whiplash as he appears in Iron Man Armored Adventures

Blizzard as he appears in Iron Man Armored Adventures

Mandarin concept design for Iron Man Armored Adventures




DEAD OF NIGHT - Creature Comforts

Over at the official 'Dead of Night' production blog, Dan Forcey gives the scoop on the creatures featured in the film. Here's an excerpt:

[Director Kevin Munroe's' vision from the onset was to avoid CGI (Computer Generated Imagery for the non-moviespeak people like myself) as much as possible.  I’m paraphrasing heavily, but an early conversation I had with him went something like this:

"I think when people see completely CGI characters on screen, it stops them from caring about the characters.  Who worries about video game characters?  Dylan, at his core, is a very real and grounded character and we want that to be reflected in the “monsters” he encounters.”

And he’s stuck to that.  99.9% of what you will eventually see on film is being done practically with prosthetics and creature suits.  Think Hellboy much more than The Hulk. 

Click through for the complete post.



TMZ demands Favreau to call WOLVERINE vs IRON MAN

While out minding his own business, Jon Favreau got TMZ'd and the paparazzi involved asked the 'Iron Man 2' director to call the battle between his film and 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'.

"There's enough to go around. We're a year apart," Favreau said, and added that he'd be first seeing the Hugh Jackman movie, in a clip that was apparently recorded on Sunday.



Which brings us to a rip-roaring edition of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

Catching up with the director's twitter feed...

# ILM guys flew down to visit the set. Trying to get the practical/digital mix just right. It's great to get a shot at refining our process. 8:01 AM Apr 30th

# Two suits on the set today. 8:40 AM May 1st

# Wrecking the joint. Not much left of the set. Broken stuff everywhere. Should look cool on screen. 7:00 PM May 1st

# Still at work. So tired.10:28 PM May 1st

# Finally home. 12:11 AM May 2nd

# Just got TMZd again. At least I was dressed nice. 1:01 AM May 3rd


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xenomorph 5/4/2009 9:16:16 AM

Raven sofware has made great games with theMarvel license(X-Men Legends 1&2,Ultimate Alliance.) Although the Wolverine game has only gotten modest reviews, that's mainly due to having production on the game rushed tomeet the deadline of the movie. With a DeadPool game there is no deadline, so Raven software can take their time and come out with a nice finished product.

vlomski 5/5/2009 9:19:15 AM

 Iron Man's villian's are cool the animation and action while in the suit are cool, the human faces need work but it's the best animation Marvel has ever used in any of their cartoon's. My complaint is Marvel has once again reduced interesting character's into stupid teenagers with childish vacuous dialog in the interim of the action.I enjoyed the recent ultimate Iron Man with Tony as a teen, so why did they change the characters and dialog to make it stupider? They have to know a great many adults will watch so why do they aim everything that they bring to animation at kids? Kids enjoy adult oriented animated shows even if they don't always get it. So what's the point of alienating your adult audience, I turned the sound down during the teeny bopper segments because there mostly empty headed drivel. Do they hire adults to write this dialog? If so who the hell do they know who talks this way? These kids are supposed to be brilliant, so why don't I get that impression from the way they talk and act, these characters are just annoying.



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