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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 2/14/2013 8:04:04 PM

And my friend and his wife and I are the only Asians in our group.

timrandles 2/15/2013 6:02:06 AM

@Axia777 the graphic artist is the same one who does the concept art for all the recent Marvel movies Ryan Minerding. He is someone I grew up with and went to school with. He is brilliant and his work only gets better.

MrEt 2/15/2013 11:13:44 AM

I think the helmet off is good, but it may have looked cooler with just the faceplate up to showcase the actor.

momitchell7 2/15/2013 12:08:19 PM

I think the logical explanation that he wasn't in the Avengers movie is that they mistakenly didn't budget for having Cheadle in it... That would have been really cool though!

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