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Ironman XBox 360 Video Game Review

By Shanika Chapman     -
Source: Entertainment Software Rating Board


Sega of America Inc. and Secret Level released Iron Man in May 2008 for the Microsoft Xbox 360. The action game is loosely based on the PG-13 movie of the same name by Paramount Pictures. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rated Iron Man "T for Teen" for references to alcohol, mild language and violence. The one-player, third-person game features both ground- and air-based missions. Iron Man is also available for the Sony PS3, PS2, and PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS, and Microsoft Windows. Retail prices range from $29.99 to $59.99.


Marvel's game production division produced Iron Man, lending authenticity to Tony Stark's in-game representation. Flying levels are especially exciting, allowing you to rocket through the skies, catching and throwing missiles at enemies. Between levels, you can upgrade Iron Man's suit and abilities, adding to the gameplay possibilities. Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard lend their voices to the game.


While in-flight levels look excellent, ground missions are dull and repetitive. The voice acting is poor, lacking the passion the actors brought to the movie. Instead of developing a challenging enemy AI, the producers opted for infinitely spawning enemies, giving the game a recycled feel.

Bottom Line

If you are a diehard Iron Man fan, you'll want to buy the game. Otherwise, this is a rental or bargain bin purchase.


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