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PREACHER Pilot Ordered by AMC (Article) - 12/4/2014 5:43:25 PM

If I recall HBO had the chance to scoop up Preacher a few years ago and didn't.   Kind of sucks, because while AMC has a good track record with Breakiing Bad and Walking Dead, neither of those push the envelope of vulgarity and taboo subjects like Preacher  does.  I will watch but really hope it isn't watered down to much, because the vulgarity is kind of intrinsic to Preacher in my mind.

Suicide Squad Cast Revealed (Article) - 12/4/2014 2:00:02 PM

@BunyonSnipe, acutally I guess I got Deathstroke and Deadshot mixed up.  I was thinking that Stephen Lang for Deathstroke too, but guess he is not in this film. 

I can't see Leto not doing a different take on Joker.  

The Walking Dead: Coda Review (Article) - 12/4/2014 1:51:12 PM

In other news, I see AMC has finally ordered a pilot of Preacher.  Not sure if it will make it to a series, and if it does it won't be able to push the boundries it does in the comic.   I would say you guys who hate spoilers should read it now, but actually you should just read it now because it is awesome. 

Suicide Squad Cast Revealed (Article) - 12/3/2014 7:41:01 AM

Wiseguy - I think Tom Cruise is a good actor, but have you ever seen those leaked Scientology interviews he did.  Dude is insane off screen.  Will Smith, eh, I can take him or leave him.  I haven't watched any of his recent movies though. 

I'm not an expert on all the characters though.  Not a huge DC reader.  Most of my knowledge of Deadshot comes from the Arkham Asylem video games.  I was thinking the white haired guy who played the villian from Avatar could play him, maybe he is too old.

Actually think Jared Leto is a good choice for the Joker.  It takes a bit of brass to be the first to try that role since Heath Ledger due to all the inevitable comparrisons, but I think he can pull it off.

The Walking Dead Spin off Casts 2 Actors (Article) - 12/3/2014 7:28:15 AM

On the fence.  A lot of times the over saturation of an IP doesn't work for me.  I'm sure I'll at least check it out, but no excitement for it.

The Walking Dead: Coda Review (Article) - 12/2/2014 11:00:35 AM

^ if spoilers make you that angry that you react that way to the Mellowdoux's post, perhaps its time to start thinking that way.  Because that is a pretty harsh response to that comment.

I time delay the start of watching too, so I can skip commercials, but stay off the net untill after I watch.  Especially on a finale or mid season finale because you know the fans that have already watched are going to start posting about it right away.  Though I guess this one was actually the production screwing things up for some.  

I know the final scene only showed Noah leaving the hospital with our group.  I think its possible that a couple others might come, but they just didn't show them maybe because they hadn't cast them yet etc. Allthough, it might be a tough choice to go with the unknown, so I can certinly see if no others join.

I've seen some say that Rick is now Shane, and I think its been touched a few times on Talking Dead.  I think he is close to where Shane was, but with a very small touch more morality left.  I do think if Shane had survved, he would have changed further too, for the worse.  Shane  could have been on a path to becoming like the Governor or a cannible himself.   Especiall after Lori died.

The Walking Dead: Coda Review (Article) - 12/1/2014 2:09:29 PM

You knew somebody was going to die due to the surprise guest tease for Talking Dead.  My guess had been either Carol or Dawn.  For some reason I thought there may have been a long shot it could be Maggie or Glen as well, though that was just a gut feeling that proved false.  Kind of sucked for Maggie, to get close to reuniting with her sister, but to fall short.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser Released (Article) - 12/1/2014 8:07:23 AM

For the love of the gods, both old and new, please just give me The Winds of Winter to read already.

THE HOBBIT TRILOGY Marathon Event (Article) - 11/14/2014 9:13:28 AM

Only one I have done it with is the extended LOTRs but only at home with the DVDS.  I didnt see the Hobbit films in the theater at all, kind of my own little protest for them stretching out what could have been one long movie into 3 just to max profits.  I don't expect to see the final one till it hits Blu-ray.

Mania Review: Dumb and Dumber To (Article) - 11/14/2014 8:56:05 AM

Of the Farrelly Bros movies, my favorites were Kingpin and There's Something about Mary.  I would put Dumb and Dumber above the rest of their movies (if I'm remembering them all correctly), but definately a notch below Kingpin and Mary.  Sure my sense of humor may have changed in 20 years, but I can still watch Kingpin and laugh (plus it had a nice soundtrack) so I'm definately going to see this one.  I really hope its not like mosgza's feeling about it being like Anchorman 2. 


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