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GAME OF THRONES: Valar Doehaeris Review (Article) - 4/2/2013 9:19:17 AM

I was thinking about half way through that they are not going to be able to fit everybody in this episode to catch everybody up and sure enough Bran, Arya, Jamie, and Theon weren't shown.  Looks like we will at least see Bran in ep 2.

I will say the girl they cast as Ygritte is much more attractive than described in the book.   I'm still wishing that Dominic West had taken the role of Mance Rayder, he could have been brilliant in the role.   Ciaran Hinds is ok but seems a little too serious and dour, and while Mance is a serious character, he he does have that roguish side to him.    I didn't expect to see Val due to them not casting the character until there will be more than a scene or two for the character.

As far as Daenerys, how do you guys expect her to buy 8000 Unsullied, when she could barely get one ship?   I know how it plays out in the books, but its something for you show-only peeps to think of.

As far as Tyrion and Tywin's convo went, I don't recall how much of their past has been revealed in the books or show at this point, as it all kind of blurs in my mind what happened when and where.  So to aviod any spoilers, I'll just say Tywin is a dick and I'm pretty sure Tyrion knew already exactly what his father thought of him even then, though maybe not to such a degree. 

Davos is rather awesome.  He knew speaking out against Melisandre to Stannis could go bad, but he spoke the truth as he saw it., regardless of consequence.   I guess you could say he is kind of like Ned Stark in some things as honor is concerned.  Allthough he was a smuggler, so he isn't bound by honor as tightly as Ned was.

Mania Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Article) - 3/15/2013 2:13:40 PM

I liked Daniel Tosh's back handed comment about Jim Carrey passing on a Dumb and Dumber sequel to make this turd. 

TV Wasteland: Zero Hour Is Coming (Article) - 2/11/2013 2:24:00 PM

I haven't seen last nights ep of OUAT, but there is a popular theory I've seen that Bae could have spent some time in Neverland as Peter Pan, which would account for his age being younger.

The Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Cinematic Trailer (Article) - 1/22/2013 4:11:02 PM

I also am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls games but have zero interest in an online version.  I like the single player experience too much. 

10 Best Movie Star Comebacks (Article) - 1/18/2013 9:38:47 AM

I'd kind of like to see Christian Slater make a comeback.  His last two TV shows were both cancelled pretty quickly.

Tarantino should hook him up as he was great in True Romance.

Syfy Cancels Alphas (Article) - 1/18/2013 9:33:26 AM

Started watching it once season 1 came on Netflix, and liked it enough to add season 2 to my DVR.   Too bad they cancelled it, as I found it enjoyable enough.

TV Wasteland: And Now... Playoffs! (Article) - 1/7/2013 10:34:59 AM

Doubt I'll be watching much TV this week.  Will be busy reading A Memory of Light (last book of WOT) which comes out tomorrow.     Started the series Christmas day of 1990, so it will be strange to finish it.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Featurette (Article) - 12/3/2012 3:47:29 PM

 Funnythat the person who complained about spoilers posted the biggest one.  Two letters, RW, in no way infer as much as the words they stand for.  

I think Maise Williams will could soon appear to be too old to play Arya, same probably will go for the actors playing Bran and Ricken.  That's gonna suck for the guy playing Hodor, they probably won't have him carrying Bran as much.

Mania Review: Life of Pi (Article) - 11/21/2012 7:40:14 AM

  I too liked Ang Lee's Hulk.  I think I liked both Hulks about the same.   I think Ed Norton made a  slightly better Banner though  and I liked Tim Roth as a villian over Nolte, but other wise I think Ang Lee's cast was much better.  As a veteren, I just couldn't take William Hurt as General Ross, he's a good actor but was miscast I think.  He looked extreamly sloppy in his uniform and maybe even out of regulation.   Sam Elliot was an excellent choice and way more believable in the role to me, if I recall correctly he even trimmed his moustache to military regs.  I also prefered Jennifer Connoly to Liv Tyler as Betty.

As far as Life of Pi, that movie wasn't even on my radar until recently and now I look forward to watching it. 

Dexter: Argentina Review (Article) - 11/21/2012 7:20:30 AM

I think the only thing that would shock me more than Rita's death would be if they transitioned Deb into a serial killer or at least a vigelante killer.   She's on an emotional edge right now, maybe she loses her marbles and kills Hannah in a rage. 

I don't see Dexter killing LaGuerta as its against his code but I could see Hannah killing her to "protect" Dexter.  I would think LaGuerta would make it to the final season though.

In the end, I wouldn't expect to see a so called "happy "ending for Dexter.  Either he goes to prison or gets killed himself somehow.  

I suppose I'm pulling for Angel to make it to the end, I think he is a one of the better characters and the only blemish you could really pin on him if  recall correctly was his involvement with prostitutes.   Though I can see him getting F'ed if/when Quinn gets caught and that $10,000 Quinn loaned him comes to light.  Even though Angel didn't know the origin, hel'll probaly get screwed on it. 


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