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I"s: Iori Hazuki is a beautiful high schooler with ambitions of becoming an actress. Ichitaka Seto is an indecisive sort with a crush on Iori from afar. Itsuki Akiba is Ichitaka’s cute childhood friend who has returned from abroad. Put all three “I”s together and you have a tale of love, comedy and dreams…

I"s Pure: The course of true love never did run smooth, and hapless Ichitaka has a ton of obstacles to overcome to win the heart of his classmate and budding actress Iori: pranks and misunderstandings, stalkers and romantic intervention, but most of all staying true to one's feelings. Are the two "I"s destined to find happiness together, or does fate have other ideas?

Volume Count: 1
Genre: Drama, Manga Adaptation, Romance

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Region 1 - North America

I"s/I"S Pure Complete Collection by Viz Media

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