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Jackie Chan Talks Future Projects

Action-comedy star gives his take on three upcoming films.

By Frank Kurtz     July 10, 2001
Source: About.com Action-Adventure Movies

Jackie Chan in action in RUSH HOUR 2.
© 2001 New Line Cinema

Jackie Chan's production plate looks to be pretty full for the near future. Among the projects he has lined up are HIGHBINDERS, THE TUXEDO and SHANGHAI KNIGHT, a sequel to 1999's SHANGHAI NOON. Now, the actor has given his take on each one.

While talking to About.com's Action-Adventure Movies page, Chan said the following about each project:

"HIGHBINDERS is a friend of mine who wants to get into the film business and he called me up. I said if I have time I'll do it. Before I made the RUSH HOUR film, he said, 'There is a strike going on, right?' I said, 'Maybe, yes.' 'Okay, while the strike's going on, we have a few months holiday, we do HIGHBINDERS.' Then I promised him. Now it looks like the strike is not going to happen but I already promised him and they are in production already. TUXEDO I promised to start September the first so my friend knows that we will just film until I go start TUXEDO. Then the whole crew stops and goes back to Hong Kong until Christmas. I get ten days holiday from TUXEDO and I'll go back to film HIGHBINDERS. Then I'm coming back. I have to finish as soon as possible TUXEDO. If I don't have time to go back, I start SHANGHAI KNIGHT right away. Sometime between then, I go back to finish HIGHBINDERS. Then June we start [the remake of Jerry Lewis'} THE BELLBOY. We are not talking about coming back to promote the film and the junkets. We are not talking about going back to China to help the charity things. When I look at my schedule, there's not one day to rest. HIGHBINDERS, seven days a week, nonstop because they know any time an American production calls me, I have to go. I'm happy but I wouldn't mind having a vacation right now."

"It's an American film. Dreamworks. Spielberg He asked me to direct and I don't like. I said, 'Why don't you direct?' He said, 'No, I'm producer.' I said okay. We found a director. Kevin Donnovan who is starting in September 1st until February the 4th. TUXEDO is what I want. More acting with a little special effects, with my own action and more acting, drama, because I don't want to be an action star. An action star, their life is so short. I want my life to get longer. I want my career to be longer.

"They won't let me say much. I'm a taxi driver and I help somebody and he was a spy. He was in a coma in the hospital and I go back to his house to help him get some things like a toothbrush and underwear. Then I find the tuxedo and the story begins."

"I start from China again, my sister and father have some problems. You know, all the scripts always I'm from China, I'm from Hong Kong. I can not be born in the U.S, my English. Not like BIG BRAWL 20 years ago, I'm ABC, American Born Chinese. My kind of English, how can I? Wrong script. Now, they have to [say] I'm from China. My sister comes to Carson City, looking for me to help my father. Then I know Owen Wilson in New York. I have to go to New York. I thought he was rich but he's just cheating people. I'm helping him and then we take the boat to England and to Ireland and then we start the story. It's a fun story."


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