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Jai Courtney for Terminator Reboot

Our New Kyle Reese

By Robert T. Trate     February 20, 2014
Source: Variety

Terminator Genisys arrives in theaters July 1st, 2015.
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Jai Courtney (Die Hard 5) has been cast by Paramount to play the role of Kyle Reese in the Terminator Reboot. Courtney will join Emilia Clarke (playing Sarah Connor), Jason Clarke (playing John Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger who will reprise his iconic role. The film will be directed by Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor. 

The plot of the reboot is being kept under wraps. Rumors have been circulating that there will be a prequel TV series. That prequel to the movie will have certain changes to the time line that we all know from the previous film. 

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monkeyfoot 2/20/2014 9:13:04 AM

What? Nobody's here screaming they cast the wrong guy for Kyle Reese?

The nerd outrage is all about the FF casting I guess.

chrismidkiff 2/20/2014 9:15:53 AM

The IDIOTS in Hollywood can't leave anything alone. There was nothing wrong with the original Terminator. Leave the good movies alone and focus on remaking the box office bombs(i.e. Daredevil).

nemesis1_57 2/20/2014 9:27:44 AM

 Courtney is a better choice to play Kyle Reese than Anton Yelchin. So I'm good with it.


CaptAmerica04 2/20/2014 11:08:03 AM

<insert nerd rage here>

I'm just too tired to unload like I should.  This is just... stupid.  Top to bottom stupid.


BunyonSnipe 2/20/2014 11:56:24 AM

The REAL question is if it's a REBOOOOT why is Arnie still in it?

hanso 2/20/2014 3:12:41 PM

 I've seem him 2 flicks but dont remember him. 

Modo 2/20/2014 6:33:49 PM

Meh...why are we supposed to get excited about this? 

scifi1972 2/20/2014 7:45:17 PM

I hate reboots. I HATE REBOOTS. There is NO need for this. Period.

BlueDac 2/20/2014 10:22:05 PM

I'm a huge Terminator fan so I follow up on all the little nit-noid info on the various projects. Yelchin was a totally wrong choice as Reese in T:Salvation, but the producers were trying to capitalize on what little fame Yelchin had carrying over from the Star Trek reboot.

According to interviews with Arnold about the new Terminator projects, (checkout TheArnoldFans), these will be a reboot in a sense, but it will borrow from the McG Star Trek meta-reboot:  Where the "original" line is present, but due to time travel and the "Butterfly Effect", there now is a new timeline and divergent story lines.  Generally speaking, the idea (obviously all conjecture until a script is written, etc, etc) is that at a certain point in either T1 or T2. there is a time travel insert that changes the path of the story from there.  So essentially, the first movie will remain canon, then there will be a divergent time line, essentially erasing T3/T4.

As to Arnold and his parts. Yes, he's getting a bit weathered, but with proper special effects, costuming and even a storyline, his age should not be an issue.  For instance, the flesh on a Terminator exoskeleton still ages but the Terminator is still as effective. Perhaps Arnie is a T-800 that was trapped/forgotten in an outpost destroyed by the Resistance, then is recovered & reprogrammed.  Or (and I don't like this idea that I've seen proposed) is that Arnold portrays the Human (and not the character that was on the T2 short film) that inspires Skynet to copy his form; whether he is a fellow Resistance leader, mentor of John Connor's or what.

BlueDac 2/20/2014 10:27:01 PM

Oh and about Jai Courtney, he's no Michael Biehn, but he is a bad ass and I can really believe him coming into the role as a veteran Resistance warrior.  Also, according to the original ideas that Cameron had, Schwarzenegger was supposed to be Reese battling O.J. Simpson as the Terminator!

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